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Each one of us has their own fog. Own it and navigate through it; it is what makes you walk tall in the end.

It is that which makes us stronger - the ability to put the good foot forward in the foggy mesh of the unknown.
- Myriam Kazaana, London, UKhttp://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ


Mario RamirezIn the midst of space and time, here and now is not only unimaginable... it is a privilege.
- Mario Ramirez, Montreal, Canadahttp://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Egos, lifestyles and perspectives would be damaged and shifted if the truth were to be told.
- Roger Albert, New Jersey, USA http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Lessons Learnt

Accept your mistakes rather than defending them. The most important thing in a relationship is giving space to each other, to avoid spaces between each other.
- Sufia Merchant, Canada http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

A Stop By A Creek

I despise stagnation, which is mistaken by most as 'peace'. A palpable peace is not attainable but becoming a peaceful person is - no matter how rough the seas your boat sails upon.

Like the water to the rocks, I am in an endless avoidance of a challengless state, in a continuous sprint for bars to overleap. To fully take pleasure for a stop by a creek, I must first carry out each moment of life's demand that I dared to overcome. I do not dislike stability and leisure but I wish to embrace it when I fully deserve it and take pleasure each time it becomes completely mine.
- Tosca Colibri dela Primavera http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ
   Subic Bay, Philippines

About Life

You are born to live, but every day you die, so live and die in peace and harmony.
- Sandra Greaves, Barbados http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Mind Quote

I was demolished, but rebuilt and designed to withstand the environment's challenges. I WILL NOT FAIL. My body is my shrine and I will protect it.
- J Lip http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Defining Our Own Life

Life is defined by our abilities to see beyond impediments because of the heights of our dreams.
- Likho Bazana, Kostand, South Africa http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

A Healing Heart

Jay Maddox PhotoIn time, all wounds will heal. Your Heart will begin to heal, memories will fade away. Reasons will become clear, and bring forth clarity. Lessons will become blessings. Forgiveness will bring closure. Peace will reunite family/friend/relationships. Perseverance will bring happiness, success, love, and all things you need and desire.
- Jay Maddox, Chicago, IL, USA http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

The philosophical quotes on this page have been submitted
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Hardships at Home

Hardships at home are a good thing. They motivate you to escape and go and see the world. Don't let your home be your comfort zone.
- Holly Evans, Wales, UK http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Greatest Accomplishment

One of the greatest accomplishments in any person’s life is if he can trust someone other than himself wholeheartedly and sustain it faithfully all throughout his life.
- Anuj Somany, India http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Mother Nature Teaches

Basics of living in life - quoteA man who has everything may gain nothing. But a man who has nothing may gain everything.
- Anuj Somany, India http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Positive People

Positive Outlook QuoteIf a person finds the negative people in his network, then he needs to mind or mend his own nature than others, for his basic grounding decides only the level of acidic or toxic surrounding for him.
- Anuj Somany http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ


Click for full-size image of this quoteThere is no respect between the souls of two individuals if their minds can’t trust each other, and there is no trust between them if their hearts can’t accept the truth of each other.
- Anuj Somany http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

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Motivation Works From Within

Business people in power that believe they motivate others are T.H.I.C. headed. All these people truly do is use [T]hreatening, [H]arrassing, [I]ntimidating, and/or [C]oercing actions to compel others with lessor or no power to act.

True motivation can only come from within. Real business [leaders] rather than business power mongers understand that being an inspiration and instilling confidence is the fuel that facilitates motivation.

Unfortunately, T.H.I.C. headed business people [abuse] their power by categorically dismissing this true nature of motivation. In short, T.H.I.C. headed business people cannot [create] motivation; however, they have the [power] to [destroy] the chance of it being realized in others!
- William Nathan Stramonine, USA http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

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Animal Spirit

May your heart soar with the Eagle and your spirit walk with the Wolf.
- Dan Moon, Sioux Falls, S.D., USA http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

The animal lover within the Spiritual being is represented here. The heart takes to the air as an Eagle and the spirit walks alongside the Wolf.
- Dan Moon http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

My (original) quote above was inspired in part by this fine art piece by Skye-Ryan Evans, shown alongside my quotable. http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Nothing of Everything

A man who has everything may gain nothing. But a man who has nothing may gain everything.
- Nicolas Appel http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Fear To Live

I don’t understand why most of us chose to play it safe all the time - whether it’s travelling to a new place, or taking a new path for that matter. Humanity is not meant to fear – contrary to what most religious / cultural books tell us. The core philosophy behind our birth involves risk. Our death is inevitable. And yet we come to this world despite this reality.

If our creation considered death a fear for us to not be born, then we would never witness the most wonderful experience defined in our very existence: life. And yet, owing to our ignorance of this most obvious fact, we still choose to forgo many wonderful experiences that are meant to be part of life. We do not let ourselves to love because we fear heartbreak; we do not pursue our life’s passion for the fear of letting go of a secured life and give our dream a chance to become the next Picasso; or even get out of the four walls to be touched by the million wonderful kisses of that monsoon rain in fear of a runny nose.
- Robin Abdullah Chowdhury http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

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Princess Mwamba

princess-mwamba-with-lionEvery beautiful queen, deserves a powerful king to protect her.
- Princess Mwamba http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

Life's Equation

If life was an equation and one side measured up to achieving things, then the other side of the equation is about letting go.
- Ninad Kharade http://bit.ly/1pb6NDZ

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