The First of Two Do-able
Keys To Happiness

To fully appreciate the significance of these two keys to happiness, it would be a good idea to read the pages that explain the secret of happiness, and the purpose of life (see links at the end of this page).

Those pages reveal the purpose of life itself, and how we as human beings fit into that purpose. And they tell why it is therefore not only possible but also easy for us to experience authentic happiness as our natural birthright.

But let’s get straight into summarizing the two do-able keys to happiness.

Do-able Key # 1:
Access your Inner Being every day

Every atom and every molecule and every cell in our body is conscious, and the essential nature of this consciousness is bliss.

Bliss-consciousness is present everywhere in our mind-body system, whether we feel it or not.

How do I know this for sure? I know because I have personally experienced this inner bliss-consciousness myself. Three of my personal and profound experiences are in fact described on this website.

Stress blocks the flow of bliss

The reason we don’t experience this bliss as a constant companion is that we have accumulated stresses in our physiology. These stresses block the natural flow of bliss through our mind-body system.

So, to have more experience of this bliss in our lives, which we usually refer to happiness, we need to start getting rid of the stresses lodged in our psycho-physiology.

We need to release the inner stresses daily, as a regular routine like taking a shower, brushing our teeth or eating a regular meal. We need a way to dissolve the day's stresses as well as older stress we've accumulated over time. This is the first of the two essential, do-able keys to happiness.

Effective methods for dissolving deep-seated stress

How do we start getting rid of stresses? We give the mind deep rest outside the sleep experience – in other words, when we are awake. We make time every day for at least one of these sessions, preferably two.

People refer to such daily mental 'baths' by different names, a popular name being meditation. Meditation is becoming more and more recognized and popular these days as a means for improving health and increasing longevity and happiness.

There are only a few types of meditation , although within each type there are many different meditation techniques one can choose from.

Which meditation technique is indeed effective?

Meditating Asian girl With the many different meditation techniques available today, how does one know which one to use? And how does one learn to 'do' it properly?

An effective method to use would be one that allows the mind to move easily towards the happiness within. It would achieve this by giving the mind the experience of increasingly subtler levels of mental functioning.

An effective meditation method should also result is the progressive eradication of deep-rooted stresses that have become embedded in the nervous system.

And the entire process should be as natural as possible, without strain, control or coercion.

Not all forms or 'techniques' of meditation actually meet these three criteria.

Some meditation techniques merely enable one to experience some calmness at the surface level of the mind. They do not necessarily provide the very deep state of mental restful awakeness that results in the release of deep-rooted stresses in the physiology.

There are three effective techniques or methods that I know for sure do release deep stresses. There may well be more.

The method that I use

I use a method that came to me in my own awareness quite unexpectedly after 30+ years of using the most researched and proven technique of deep meditation available today.

It happened when I had finished my second meditation session for the day. I was sitting there quietly, not using a mantra or any other 'technique' - just sitting there preparing to get involved in activity. Unexpectedly, I experienced the bliss inside my body, quite spontaneously. This was outside, my usual meditation session.

I then realized with much joy that I had just discovered the key to the transcendental treasure-chest of bliss - a key that did not need any 'technique'. It was 100% natural and spontaneous.

What pleased me too was that it could occur without requiring one to connect with any particular guru, travel to the East or particpate in any initiation ceremony, ancient tradition or the like.

I had discovered what I later called Conscious Mental Rest.

So, here again is the first of the two essential, do-able keys to happiness, and I use it twice every day:

Access your Inner Being every day.

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If you use the two keys to happiness on a daily basis, every day of your life, you will expand your own happiness in ways that many would not have believed possible.

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