The Benefits of Meditation
and of
Conscious Mental Rest©

The benefits of Conscious Mental Rest© (CMR) are akin to the benefits of meditation. They are the result of consciously dipping into one's inner happiness on a regular daily basis.

What about sleep?

In addition to good quality regular sleep, our minds seem to need to rest in the waking state as well, especially in view of our hectic modern lifestyle. Given the right conditions, the mind spontaneously takes the opportunity to quieten down to progressively more settled levels.

Research on the benefits of meditation

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Research on the benefits of meditation has shown that the kind of rest gained when the mind settles down towards mental stillness, as one experiences during an effective deep meditation technique, is distinctly different from the kind of rest gained during unconscious or dream sleep. This results in improvements in daily life in a wide range of areas.

There are literally hundreds of documented scientific studies to support this. However, extensive scientific research has not been conducted on most meditation techniques available today, but only on very few specific techniques. Transcendental Meditation® is one of them.

How effective is CMR?

No scientific research has as yet been conducted on Conscious Mental Rest©, and no scientific claims are made as to its benefits. Moreover, no inference is to be made that the meditation research charts and findings shown on the pages of this website apply to Conscious Mental Rest©. They do not.

Nevertheless, people who have regularly experienced CMR have reported improvements in various areas of their lives: at a physical level, a mental level, an emotional level, and at more subtle levels.

And these kinds of improvements are subjectively and anecdotally very similar to those reported by people who use effective and scientifically researched meditation techniques.

From my own 30-plus years of using the most extensively researched and practised meditation technique available - the TM Technique - I can say without doubt that the benefits I have experienced from Conscious Mental Rest© and from TM are very similar, if not the same. And for me, CMR is the easiest method I've experienced too.

So although no scientific laboratory research has been conducted on CMR, I feel it is safe to say that CMR is an effective method that does produce excellent benefits, as indicated by the feedback from people who have used Conscious Mental Rest© daily for even a short a while.

Be sure to use an effective meditation technique

Effective meditation should allow one to experience thoughts at progressively subtler levels, progressing towards their finest level of fluctuation in consciousness. At that point the mind transcends all thought and experiences the source of happiness within - often referred to as pure consciousness.

The clarity of the experience itself depends on the state of the individual's nervous system and levels of stress. That is why the subjective experience during meditation is not important. What is important is the extent of the benefits of meditation that flow into daily living.

So, if you're not yet meditating but you're considering possibly learning a meditation technique, try to choose one that is known to be effective.

A word of advice when shopping around

The word 'meditation' is a widely used term that covers a wide range of mental techniques and methods. It is therefore natural, when you read or hear about the benefits of meditation, to assume that all techniques enjoy the same benefits as those on which extensive research has been conducted. This assumption is not valid. Do your homework; don't assume all meditation techniques are equally effective.

Some More Specific Benefits Reported To Me By CMR Practitioners

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