How Meditation Can Be Effortless

How meditation can be effortless is an obvious question in many people’s minds, particularly after all the traditional claims that meditation requires years of practice along with the need to discipline the mind.

Nevertheless, Conscious Mental Rest© – which some people like to call a meditation technique – is an effortless way to derive the same kinds of benefits that most meditation techniques promise - more happiness, better health, and so on.

These next few pages explain how meditation can be effortless if it is based on the natural behaviour of the mind and not on notions that the mind must be controlled.

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Conscious Mental Rest© and the skill of allowing

In CMR we simply allow the mind to rest, without any effort on our part, because effort means not ‘resting’. Effort implies doing. CMR is a process of allowing. It is therefore 100% natural, because there is absolutely no contriving or manipulation, coercing or tricking of the mind. Trying in any way – and therefore using any effort at all – will actually prevent Conscious Mental Rest from taking place as it should. Jesus Christ is reported to have said that the kingdom of heaven cannot be taken by storm. And this beautifully describes the correct approach to one’s sessions of Conscious Mental Rest.

This is possibly the most important point to grasp in the entire CMR process – this need to be innocent and to allow it to be effortless. We don’t even try to make it effortless; we just allow the effortless process to take place of its own accord.

This is very subtle, and the one area where people need a clear understanding and proper guidance, which is provided in the CMR audio and written course.

Effortless versus just sitting there daydreaming

This effortlessness, however, is not to be confused with simply closing one’s eyes and just sitting there daydreaming. That is, for the most part, a waste of time, as has been proven in scientific research on various meditation techniques. Such a practice will definitely not bring the results that people have come to enjoy through having twice-daily sessions of Conscious Mental Rest.

This is why Conscious Mental Rest needs to be learned in a very specific sequence of steps in experience and understanding, experience and understanding.

How can CMR be effortless if you need to learn it?

Bear with me while I give some background here. It will help to clarify a few points about how meditation can be effortless yet still needs to be learned in order to really 'get it' based on personal experience and guidance from a qualified teacher.

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The thrust of life towards expansion

The nature of life is to move towards more and more – to expand and diversify itself through the process of change and growth.

We see this in the growth of plants. A tree starts off as a seed which sprouts and grows into a sapling. The sapling continues to expand upwards and outwards to become a fully grown tree. The tree itself then produces new seeds, and the process continues with new sprouts becoming saplings to take over from their parent tree when the life of the tree comes to the end of its cycle.

We see this same process taking place in animal and human life too, yet with what we consider to occur with more awareness. And in humans there is also more conscious choice in certain areas of our growth.

In human life we experience this growth as a desire ...

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