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The main causes of stress, according to many health professionals, are listed below, in no particular order. And unfortunately, stress can lead to ill-health and unhappiness.

Note: Progressively, the items listed below will become hyperlinks to other pages giving additional comment as well as suggestions on how to minimize the negative impact of these stressors on one's health and happiness.

  • A mind-body profile that is particularly susceptible to anxiety and worry
  • Money problems leading to what is popularly called financial stress
  • A compromised immune system leading to proneness to low vitality and sickness
  • Loud, sudden or unpleasant noise
  • Violent or negative news in the newspapers or on TV or radio
  • Problems experienced in an intimate relationship
  • Physical danger or threat - whether real, imagined or feared
  • Strong views about politics, triggering feelings of frustration or anger
  • Strong views or beliefs about religion, triggering feelings of guilt or other negative emotions
  • Unhappiness about the state of the world as you perceive it
  • Witnessing or hearing about cruelty to animals or people
  • Illness - your own or a close relative's or friend's
  • Fear of death or dying, and uncertainty about what lies beyond death
  • The responsibilities of parenthood and all that it entails
  • Too much to do and not enough time to do it in
  • Constant work deadlines - even those you impose upon yourself
  • Conflicts at work or in a social situation (club, association, family, etc.)
  • Not enough time taken to relax and chill out, or not often enough

  • More of the main causes of stress

  • Resistance to change or to what 'is'; rigidity and lack of flexibility
  • Feeling responsible for too much, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Not enough fun and laughter: taking everything in life too seriously
  • Major changes in one's life: death of someone close, getting married, getting divorced
  • Major disdappointment or feelings of betrayal: cheating, dishonesty, theft, an affair
  • Continuous interruptions and intrusions while engrossed in work or concentration
  • Feeling that you are not appreciated by family, or at work and elsewhere
  • Being fired or retrenched from work and losing one's income
  • Reaching retirement and stopping work after years and years of activity
  • Frequently holding negative thoughts and feelings for more that just a few moments
  • Constantly striving for perfection - self-imposed standards that may be unrealistic
  • Trying to please others and finding it difficult or impossible (which it is)
  • Monotonous work or daily routine - too little variety in one's life, boredom
  • Uncertainty, especially in regard to important situations or decisions
  • Constant nagging or criticism from someone close - like one's partner, or the boss at work

What has stressed YOU the most during your life?

So, those are considered to be the main causes of stress. What is, or has been, the biggest cause of stress in your life, and what have you found to be the most effective way of dealing with it?

Click here to tell us and to read what other visitors to this website say is the biggest cause of stress in their own lives.

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