Unity, Transcendence And Happiness

My desire for transcendence - 'unity' with my source

As I grew beyond childhood, deep inside I yearned for an experience of transcendence -- conscious unity with that from which we all emerge. I wanted to 'know' the presence of God, in an experiential way.

I looked into, but never became seriously involved in, several schools of thought. One that I remember was The School of Truth. Each time I investigated an avenue I just knew inside that the 'path' or the 'way' that was presenting itself to me was not what I was looking for. I even attended the local Spiritualist Church for a while, so see if I could get proof that there is life after death. I wasn't very impressed. I soon stopped attending because I realised I already knew the answer. I didn't need proof positive or negative. I felt that I just 'knew'.

It's time to transcend thinking

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Later on in life I came to know inside me that what I needed, and what I wanted, was to find a way to 'transcend' the mental processes and experience my own essence - pure awareness, silent consciousness. I hoped that if I could do that, then I would be that much closer to the truth -- the truth that might set me free from this searching and seeking.

I felt that truth cannot be had through thinking and discussion. I needed to experience the truth to really know.

I experience what is called transcendence

On 22 February 1975 I had that conscious experience of transcendence, under the guidance of a trained teacher of the world's most researched meditation technique. It was a very subtle experience, nothing earth-shattering. I just knew after that meditation session that I had experienced something different. And I felt different too ... in a good-feeling kind of way. I felt clear-headed and happy too.

From that time on I felt I had found the end of my search for the beginning, as I described it then. I felt I was no longer a 'seeker', but rather a 'finder' - a finder of the first rung on the conscious ladder to more happiness, peace and fulfilment in life.

We live in an ever-expanding world, the 'stuff' of which is an ever-expanding and creative consciousness.
~ Gavin Hoole

I learn some 'advanced meditation techniques'

I then went on and learned some 'advanced' techniques that built on the same basic transcending technique, culminating in 1978 with the experience of the first stages of what is referred to as 'Yogic Flying' - where I could effortlessly and blissfully hop across a room - sitting cross-legged - over firm foam mattresses which were there for safe and soft landings.

These experiences were, at that time, available through certain specific 'techniques' which I used quite effortlessly per the instructions given during the course that was conducted by telephone between our group in South Africa and the teacher in Switzerland -- quite an unusual arrangement, I can tell you.

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