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So ... just what is happiness, as you see it?

Thank you to those of you who have responded to the question and submitted your own personal definition of happiness.

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So... just what is happiness according to our visitors?

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Brenda Stephenson, Conscious-Easy-Living-Now.com

Brenda Stephenson, BC, Canada

Happiness is usually associated with an (e-motion) energy moving through the body that feels good, or even great. That same energy moving through the body could also be interpreted as anxiety, or bliss, or whatever the mind wants to label it.

Energy moving through the body is just energy moving. It quickly passes if it is acknowledged, accepted and allowed to move through.

True lasting happiness comes from the peace within that is unchanging and easily accessible from the stillness of the present moment. It is also known as the "peace that passeth all understanding" because it can't be defined by the mind.

The experience of joy that comes from this stillness is happiness in its purest form.

Gunvant Naik, India

Happiness is a sense and feeling of contentment and satisfaction, which gives you genuine peace of mind. Happiness comes from within.

Some people think wealth is happiness, but wealth can buy only material or physical comforts, but not lasting happiness which comes from within.

Keyur Desai, India

Happiness is a human feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Man is happy when he enjoys what work he does and takes interest in it.

Remember, 'The less the desires, the more happy is man'.

Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success.

Steve Nash, UK - Self Help Collective.com

Steve Nash, UK - Self Help Collective.com

Happiness is living in the present moment as fully as you are able, without resistance, without regret, with nothing but appreciation for what *is*...

Therefore, happiness consists of fleeting moments in our lives.

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