Capitalize On The Way Of The Mind
To Experience Mental Quietness

Understanding with the way of the mind blows the lid off many meditation techniques that advocate controlling the mind. The popular Transcendental Meditation technique utilizes this understanding, as does the process of Conscious Mental Rest.

Human beings always want more and more

Happy learner driver In human life we experience the natural urge for expansion and growth in the form of a desire for more and more – more comfort and less discomfort; more creativity and less stagnation; more energy and less lethargy; more happiness and less unhappiness; more peace and less turmoil. This is also the way of the mind too; only this mind tendency is often misinterpreted.

One’s entire lifetime is engaged in this quest for more. Every action and every thought has as its prime motivational force this universal tendency to expand and move towards more and more. The ultimate thrust is towards the most – the biggest job, smartest car, most successful business, happiest and most loving family, and so on and on.

Even the ‘most’ becomes not enough

In the world of daily living in the field of change, experience has demonstrated that as soon as one level of the most has been reached, new desires and new goals come into view. We find that what we thought was the ultimate goal, is in fact just a stepping stone to even more. And so the process continues, ad infinitum.

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The human mind’s search for more

The human mind is an integral part of this process of expansion and seeking more. In the waking state the mind is constantly seeking greater comfort, more ‘peace of mind’, more freedom, more expansion, more creativity, more energy, more enchantment and more joy. In short, it seeks bliss.

This is a perpetual process in the field of mental activity in what we call the waking state (i.e. when we’re not asleep). There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this; it is in fact a most natural tendency. It is how life is.

In the physical world there is always more

The thing is: the mind is never satisfied by what it finds in the phenomenal world of change. And this is the wondrous model that forms the mechanics behind creation as well as behind human creativity, expansion, achievement and greater happiness.

The mind is always seeking more joy

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With the human mind, there is an ongoing process of constantly scanning the environment for opportunities to enjoy more and more. This is simply the way of the mind.

And our senses play a significant role in this. It is this process, this spontaneous human behaviour, which enables us to observe the unlimited variety in life and thereby identify our own personal preferences – what we like and want and what we don’t like and don’t want.

Our preferences propel our desires, action and achievements

This sifting of our preferences from our non-preferences is what triggers our individual desires at any time. These desires then set the direction for our energy and action to take us towards reaching for more and more of what we desire. These are your own unique desires for creating the experiences and kind of happiness you want for yourself as a unique individual.

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We allow the mind to change the direction for its searching

When the mind is given the opportunity to turn inwards, however, ...

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