The Power Of Positive Thinking
A New And Easier Approach

The power of positive thinking has long been held to be a very important element in creating the kind of life you want. The benefits of positive thinking range from more happiness to how to attract abundance into your life, and everything else you desire.

However, having daily positive thoughts is not the only thing that is important; it is also the positive feeling that we need to experience when we're doing the thinking.

Our feelings add power to our thinking. Moreover, it is consciousness itself that is the source of both thoughts and feelings. So the power of positive thinking has its source in what is referred to as Being, or pure awareness.

Being transcends thinking

The qualities of Being (also referred to as the qualities of the Unified Field) are accessed and enlivened by allowing one's thinking to settle down to the point where awareness is simply aware, with nothing and no thoughts to be aware of.

This is the purpose of using an effective meditation technique - or experiencing Conscious Mental Rest© - on a daily basis, to enliven the qualities of that field of pure awareness at the source of our thinking and feeling.Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine

Therefore, the starting point for accessing the power of positive thinking is to access the power of the source of thinking itself - pure awareness - on a regular, daily basis. That alone will help to expand our consciousness so that more positive and life-supportive thinking results.

We can develop a habit of having daily positive thoughts

On top of that, we can take some steps to develop the habit of daily positive thoughts that will further help happiness along. This will be explained in the pages of this topic.

Can negative people learn how to think positive (ly)?

People often don't don't know how to stay positive in the face of what they experience in their lives. And if you've ever known a depressed person, or have experienced depression yourself, you'll know that it is not an easy thing to swing around from that feeling to one of positive thinking.

In fact, jumping from depression to lightness, happiness and positivity in an instant is pretty much impossible. The leap is just too much of a jump. The shift can, however, be taken in smaller steps, by fostering new habits of using your attention.

So-called negative people can indeed become more positive. The best way to start the journey from negativity to positivity is to start the journey towards more happiness. And this is, of course, what this website is all about - how to be happy.

So … what does 'positive thinking' actually mean?

In terms of thinking, speaking and human attitudes, there is probably a generally held yet rather vague idea of what the word 'positive' means, and what we mean when we use the term, the power of positive thinking.

For this article's series of pages about the power of positive thinking, let us assume that positive thinking refers to the kind of thinking that causes one to have good feelings. For example, good feelings could include optimism, certainty, exhilaration, friendliness, love, happiness, joy, admiration, acceptance, peace and so on.

On the other hand, a negative thinker would experience different kinds of feelings - feelings that are not so pleasant, such as pessimism, doubt, resistance, a critical view of things, an argumentative stance, unfriendliness, not being liked or loved, unhappiness, fear, and so on.

Warning! Beware the power of negative thinking

The power of negative thinking is just as awesome as the power of positive thinking. What we give our attention to, and how we habitually think about things, can create the very things we don't want.

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