Benefits Of Meditation
Experienced With Conscious Mental Rest
(CMR - Transcending Meditation)

Some specific benefits of meditation using CMR

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineAs mentioned elsewhere, the benefits of Conscious Mental Rest© are essentially (subjectively, as reported by practitioners) very similar to the reported benefits of meditation. However the positive effects of CMR have not yet been scientifically measured and validated in a laboratory as have those of some meditation techniques.

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Here are some real examples of what people have reported to me after learning Conscious Mental Rest©.

These feedback comments are extremely similar to those reported by people who use the researched meditation techniques available - although the comments are obviously worded differently because this feedback comes from a different group of people.

What CMR students have said

  • I feel more energy during the day.
  • I feel less anxious now.
  • I feel more self-confident about my life; more aware.
  • I sleep better than before learning Conscious Mental Rest.
  • My mind seems clearer, more focussed, less worried.
  • I feel calmer than before learning Conscious Mental Rest.
  • I feel more confident, more hopeful.
  • I am more conscious of my own worth.
  • I communicate better and don't feel as shy as I used to.
  • I’m over 60 and haven’t seen a doctor in years because I never get ill. I don’t even have medical insurance. Conscious Mental Rest is my insurance.
  • I have a deeper appreciation of life and greater inner security.
  • I experience greater mental clarity since learning Conscious Mental Rest.
  • I’m feeling less stressed than before.
  • I’m a happier person these days.
  • I notice I have a more relaxed way of handling difficult situations.
  • There’s definitely more balance in my life now.
  • I feel greater self-confidence, and can now even stand up and talk to a group of people without trembling at the knees.
  • I somehow have a better understanding of life, and no fear of death.
  • If I miss my morning session of CMR I just don't quite feel complete. It's as if something is missing - something like if you go out in the morning without having had a shower.

These improvements were not experienced from sleep, but only after experiencing Conscious Mental Rest on a regular basis. This strongly suggests that, like effective meditation, Conscious Mental Rest offers a different type of rest from sleep, and that it brings benefits over and above those provided by sleep - much like the benefits of meditation.

The benefits flow into one's life automatically ...
but need to use the method regularly every day in order to experience the benefits.

More Of What Others Say About Conscious Mental Rest©

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