The Philosophy Of Happiness
That Underpins This Website

The core philosophy of happiness that drives this site:

The purpose of life itself is the expansion of happiness

Saturn - Courtesy The Source-of-All is said to be the centre of absolute bliss consciousness - pure divine love, 'sat-chit-ananda'.

The Source-of-All - that which creates worlds - has as many names as people choose to use: 'Being', 'God', 'The Almighty', 'Source Energy', 'Creative Intelligence', 'Universal Consciousness'.

The name matters not; it's the concept we're referring to here.

The impulse of Source

NGC1569 starburst in a dwarf irregular galaxy - Courtesy NASA-ESA Hubble Heritage

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineThis philosophy of happiness holds that the impulse of the Source is to manifest and create, thereby expanding its own bliss-essence into the infinitely diverse universe we are aware of, and probably to much more that we are not aware of.

Like everything in the universe, human beings are a manifested expression of Source, and therefore of bliss and wellbeing.

Our essence is bliss

Bliss is thus also the essential ‘stuff’ of human beings, because we are, in essence, a projection from Source. This is a crucial part of this profound philosophy of happiness.

We are all part of life. We are active and conscious participants in this process of expanding the essence of life - bliss, happiness.

By expanding our own happiness we are at the same time expanding the bliss of Source, which some call love, or joy.

Such is our awesome role in the life of the universe.

We are indeed instruments in this ever-expanding universe of consciousness becoming matter.

Expansion of happiness is thus the purpose of life and also the purpose of human life.

The thrust of human life is towards more and more

Happy Angie holding her niece, baby Leia In order for life to fulfil its purpose, there is the natural tendency within all of life to expand: to grow, to multiply, to become more and more.

Human beings have this tendency too, and it expresses itself through us in two ways: unconsciously and consciously. So, we can enjoy the ability to be conscious experiencers of the process of growth and expansion.

From embryo to adult, our human body and mind develop and grow, for the most part without our conscious involvement, other than to follow our instincts for food, water, warmth, protection, and so on.

Consciously, however, this tendency expresses itself through our desires and choices.

The Philosophy of Happiness That Drives This Site

Our inherent mechanisms for perpetual expansion

It is the inner mechanism of feelings that guides us in the direction that serves our individuality best. We know we are on the 'right path' when we are experiencing feelings of happiness. Knowledge of this fact is probably the origin of the expression: 'Follow your bliss'.

Our human consciousness allows us the freedom to choose our own individual means to experience more and more happiness. We can choose to follow our bliss, or ignore it and follow our mind instead. The choice is ours. The effects of our choices are automatic. As we sow, so do we also reap.

The cause of non-happiness and unhappiness

Symbol for unhappiness The experience of non-happiness, discomfort or suffering is the signal from our inner wisdom that we are not on course with our own life-purpose. In other words: our egoic, personality-self is not in alignment with our inner, non-physical 'Higher-Self'.

When this happens, our body sends us signals to help us to get back on track; to get back to what I call Self-AlignmentTM - the 'master key' to being happy.

Happiness comes from within

A key principle in the philosophy of happiness is that happiness comes from within.

Because our essence is, as mentioned, a field of bliss-consciousness, the source of our bliss is of necessity within our very own being - inside our own physiology.

And what is exciting is that we human beings have a nervous system that is refined enough for us to be able to consciously and deliberately access that field of happiness within.

Feeling the happiness within

Happy Hoole family - copyright photo Our inner happiness can bubble up by itself, or it can be triggered by external events.

Having happiness triggered by external events is natural and good. Everyone has experienced it at some time or another.

Unlocking our inner happiness so that it flows spontaneously, without external triggers, is more fundamental and is absolutely essential too.

Happy people ride the happy waves of life experiences

An unhappy person engages mostly in looking outwards in the pursuit of happiness.

This may be towards money, power, status, being loved, acquiring 'things' for a better lifestyle, and so on.

A happy and contented individual, however, is already happy inside, and therefore more fully enjoys the happiness triggered by such external situations. S/he has much less of a rollercoaster ride of happiness ups and downs.

This is because, for a happy person, how to be happy does not depend solely on the pursuit of happiness somewhere 'out there'. A contented person is already anchored in their own inner happiness.

Riding lifes waves of joy For a happy person, external events are not a 'means' to happiness; they enliven the happiness already present in all of us. A happy person therefore enjoys outer happiness, fun and enjoyment as joyful waves of his or her inner peace and contentment.

In this way, a happy person fulfils the purpose of life: expansion of happiness.

From theory to implementation

The above is a one-page summary of the underpinning theory, or philosophy of happiness, for this entire website.

But theory is far more useful and inspiring when it can be put to good use in a practical and exhilarating way.

And that is what this website is all about. It gives the core philosophy of happiness while also offering the means to put that philosophy into practical use to enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life. It offers the sound basis for how to be happy.

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