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Health wellness is our natural state; it's wired into our physiology

Peak health wellness is our natural state of being. The problem is that we make wrong choices along the way and acquire a few habits that don't always support our inbuilt natural state of wellbeing.

So it's useful - in fact it's essential - for each one of us to follow a holistic health care strategy that will actually get us back on track so that we can enjoy a truly healthy and happy life.

We need a day-to-day action plan that can, in a short time, become our new daily habit to replace the damaging lifestyle habits we've had up till now.

There are 'health plans', and then there are health plans

When one uses the term ‘health plan’ it is usually in the context of some financial plan that will help us in times of high medical expenses – some kind of medical aid or insurance plan.

However, by the time we’ve reached that point it is already too late. We are already ill. What is far better is to be able to prevent illness in the first place.

That is what I would describe as a true health plan that is of real value.

The Self-Health Plan

I’ve developed such a D-I-Y health plan as a very sound and practical start to moving towards greater happiness and health, and of course reduced health-care costs.

It’s a seven-week step-by-step health wellness plan that I call the Self-Health Plan©. It is currently available as a free download from this website (see link at the end of this page).

Be with nature as often as you can

An important element in health and wellness is to spend time in nature – to see, smell, touch, hear and generally take in the natural healing qualities of nature.

Smell and touch the grass and leaves of trees and shrubs. Listen to the sounds of birds and other creatures of the day and night. This can have a most soothing and balancing effect on one's entire mind-body system.

It is certainly worth scheduling into one's lifestyle some time to spend with nature on a regular basis, even if you are a city-dweller.

Can't get out to nature often enough?

Then try listening to recorded nature sounds. That way you at least get to hear nature, and enjoy its effects. And your mind can wander freely and imagine the scene so that the other senses (smell, sight, etc.) can be activated through your imagination.

Some folk like to come home from work, flop down on a couch or bed and listen to the sounds of nature in their home via CDs of birds, frogs, night insects, waterfalls or the ocean. They find this most relaxing and soothing. It can be an excellent stop-gap between real visits to parks and the countryside.

I recently came across a website called where you can find some relaxing and soothing recordings of nature sounds .

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