Seeking Happiness
How To Find True Happiness - Part 3

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A person who is seeking happiness typically moves through different stages or modes of lifestyle in their quest to find true happiness.

The mode of passive contentment

This is the mode where a person seeking happiness has 'seen the light' so to speak and is less engaged in outside action as a means for experiencing happiness. This person is in a different state of consciousness from those people who are in the 'action-for-happiness' mode.

In this mode you may have a pretty stress-free mind-body system so that your inner happiness is naturaly experienced as your constant state of being. This is usually a contentment kind of happiness.

These people are in touch with their inner selves. They don't fear death, because they can feel - as a living knowingness - death's true nature as simply being part of the changing nature of physical life.

This is a pretty good state to be in. Many people seeking happiness aspire to be in this state; and many of them are. People in, or striving to be in, this state are often engaged in some kind of spiritual practice like meditation, yoga and the like.

Taking a 'spiritual path'

Candle representing spirtual quietness Some who have decided to devote themselves seriously to such a spiritual path may even take themselves off to the Himalayas or some other centre when they can move out of a focus on material aspects of life and spend their days in meditation, contemplation or other sprititual practices to attain a state of 'enlightement' and bliss-consciousness.

However, many people in this category are typical householders in a normal surburban or city neighbourhood who have a healthy nervous system and disposition that enables them to be at peace inside. They're happy to be out of the rat-race of chasing happiness outside the inner sanctum of their own being.

So they go to their places of worship regularly, read the holy books of their own particular religion and generally go about their lives in a way that they feel is living a good life.

This is a pleasant and comfortable state of consiousness. You're anchored in your own beingness, yet enjoying those aspects of life that bring you a good feeling inside. You could say this is a somewhat relaxed and easy state of living in which the source of happiness has been reached inside one's own self.

Yet there is still more - for those whose inner urge for expansion and growth remains strong.

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