The Benefits Meditation Offers
Are Subtle And Progressive

The changes are subtle and occur progressively

The benefits meditation brings may be very subtle, and they usually happen progressively over a long time. But if we look closely, with an open mind, and an observing nature, we will see at least some area of our life changing as we start to express more of one or several of those qualities in the list on the previous page. It is inevitable with the twice-daily experience of Conscious Mental Rest©.

Miss a session, and something feels 'missing'

And although we may, one day in the future, get bored with daily CMR, and perhaps wonder if this is really still working, there is at the same time a reluctance to drop it altogether, because we can definitely feel that something subtle is still happening in us. And if we miss a few sessions, we just don’t feel quite so ‘rounded’ and whole.

Each of us grows in our own way

Every individual is different from every other individual. And each person is different within himself at different times. So the changes happen for each one of us according to our own unique mind-body-emotions situation at the time.

Nature (or which our own inner intelligence is part) knows the sequence in which our own stresses must be released and the optimum sequence and priorities in which the different qualities of the 'field' will express themselves as we live our lives.

The simple habit we need to cultivate

All we need to do is sit for our CMR (or effective meditation) session twice a day, and then get on with life. As more of our inner intelligence unfolds, along with more peace of mind and joy, so will our life improve, quite spontaneously, without extra manipulation, positive thinking or undue effort.

Life should not be a strain

In our life-journey, if we need to read a new book that will help us take the next step forward, or we desire some new knowledge, a therapy, a health intervention, and so on, we will spontaneously be led to the appropriate course or health professional, and at the right time.

Life should be easy, because we have within us everything we need for a healthy, happy life. And with daily access to the field of pure creative intelligence, more of our inner resources come into play in our daily living.

Straining is not necessary, just as we’ve discovered during CMR. In fact, straining hampers the process of living life to the fullest, with an ever-expanding experience of happiness. The benefits meditation offers, which Conscious Mental Rest© brings too, flow automatically and effortlessly if we do not strain.

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