The Second Do-able Key To Happiness

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The first key to happiness is to have the daily experience of deep mental rest – deep enough rest to will allow one to tap into the source of all energy, intelligence and bliss - while at the same time dissolving deep-rooted stresses in the system.

We then come back into daily activity renewed from within, in a way that sleep does not achieve. This is popularly referred to as 'meditation'. The process I myself use is called Conscious Mental Rest (which can be learnt via this website).

Do-able Key # 2:
Follow your inner feelings to make the right choices

This second do-able key to happiness involves how we think and what we do in daily life so that the effects of meditation are stabilized further as we go about our daily living. I call this deliberate Self-alignment: aligning the ego-self with the voice of the 'Inner Self'.

Conscious Self-alignment is absolutely essential

Effective meditation, or in my case Conscious Mental Rest©, definitely brings about spontaneous changes within us - better health, more happiness, greater clarity, deeper wisdom, more life-supporting behaviour and attitudes, and so on.

It also refines our awareness so that, over time, we notice that more and more we are doing those things that are right for us. So, daily connection with our source within is the first do-able key to happiness.

However, if we are not vigilant in our daily living we can still sabotage the 'spontaneous right action' that evolves as a result of our daily 'meditaton' sessions. We can sabotage ourselves by continuing with old mental habits during our normal daily living.

Therefore, we also need to learn how to break those old habts and do what we know is right for us, in our own unique life situation. Otherwise we can diminish the good effects of regular meditation and slow down our progress in moving towards greater, more permanent authentic happiness.

How do we know for sure what is right for us?

There’s an old cliché that says: Follow your bliss. It may sound 'cute', almost trite and meaningless; but it actually has a very profound meaning if we consider it with more insight. So, what does it really mean? In practical terms, how do we actually do that - follow our bliss?

It’s all about following one’s own inner prompts. Our bliss is within us, waiting to be unlocked and experienced in waves of joy and happiness.

And our body is designed to signal to us whether what we are thinking or doing is in fact allowing the flow of inner happiness, or hindering it.

To follow your bliss means simply to continuously follow those inner prompts emanating from the 'higher self'. This is a vital key to happiness.

In other pages, still to be addedd this new website, I’ll go into this in more detail and I'll explain the approach that I use for doing just that - following one's bliss; or doing what one knows to be right, for oneself, not according to outside sources.

If you use the two do-able keys to happiness on a daily basis, every day of your life, you will expand your own happiness in ways that many would not have believed possible.

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