Complete Happiness
How To Find True Happiness - Part 4

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Towards complete happiness

For those in the mode of passive contentment - previous page - who have the desire for a more lively experience of happiness, there is still more to life.

While already having your state of being settled on a solid foundation of inner contentment and joy, this more active mode is about pouring your inner creative energy into your daily life in a more active and dynamic way. It is more than simply keeping the experience within yourself.

This can happen through being engaged in work that you love, hobbies, sport or adventures you enjoy, doing community service or pursuing any number of avenues you choose because you are attracted to them.

In this way you are more actively engaged in life's true purpose - the expansion of complete happiness - because you are in fact expanding inner happiness outwards into physical life and activity.

For some, this can be more fulfilling than simply living a life in contentment but without dynamic activity.

Passive happiness versus dynamic, more complete happiness

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineNow you may ask, what is the difference between this kind of person and someone in the action category who is actively engaged in so many things that make them happy?

Well, looking from the outside at someone in this state of consciousness, you may not even notice any difference compared with the other kind of person. After all, they're both working, both having fun, both being adventurous, both enjoying relationships, both acquiring new possessions, and so on.

Here's the difference:

  1. For the action-for-happiness guy, action is the means to ongoing happiness. Action and accomplishment are necessary for happiness to continue to be experienced. Without them, non-happiness, disappointment and unhappiness creep in.
  2. The action-based-on-happiness guy is already happy and contented. So action is no longer necessary in order to become happy. Instead, action becomes a vehicle for him to express and expand his happiness even more.

    He is consciously and deliberately participating in a further expansion of happiness -- yet without the underlying fear that it may come to an end one day. He already knows and lives his inner bliss.

    Riding the waves of bliss

    Energised from that field within, as he rides the waves of action he is in fact riding the waves on the ocean of joy.

    Action, then, becomes an outlet to express outwards his inner joy. And this is a more complete happiness than when one is doing things in order to be happy.

So where is this all leading?

The first part of this four-part theme
discussed how to find true happiness. And the answer to that is to go to where true happiness is located, and unlock it from there.

And where is true happiness located? It is to be found inside our very own being, at the source of thinking; beyond mind, in the state of being ... in what Eckhart Tolle calls The Now.

And how do we access it? We use the Master Key To Happiness, Self-alignment, which is explained elsewhere on this website. And here it is, summarised again:

  1. Transcend thinking daily: Take time every day to allow your conscious mind to move towards mental stillness. This automatically aligns your conscious mind with your inner broader consciousness that transcends thinking.

    It allows you to tap into your inner source of creative intelligence, energy, health, wisdom and bliss. The method I use for this is called Conscious Mental Rest©.

  2. Right action: Manage your attention to follow your inner 'voice'. Respond to your feelings moment to moment as they prompt you to choose appropriate thought, speech and action that will further help to unlock the flow of your inner happiness.

    The method I use for fine-tuning these attention skills is called Conscious Mental Attention©.

These two strategies are the essentials, the two pillars, that will progressively bring you into greater Self-Alignment©.

And, Self-Alignment© is an absolute prerequisite for a happier and healthier life. Without Self-Alignment© you're just treating the symptoms; just fiddling at the superficial level of how to be happy. These two keys will, however, enliven and unlock a more complete happiness.

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