Are Happy People Happy
Because They Just Are?

Belinda Hoole, daughter of this website's owner

There are many theories today about what makes happy people happy. Quite honestly I think many of these theories are barking up the wrong tree.

Scientists, philosophers, sociologists and people in many other walks of life have all had a go at trying to determine the factors that bring happiness in one's life.

They study the lives of lots of happy people, but the problem is that they do so by looking at them from the outside - at their lifestyles, level of affluence, family situation, social situation, hobbies, job, recreational activities and so on.

They then document aspects of these people's lives and analyse their survey findings to look for a common thread or several threads that many of such people seem to display.

But what comes first - the chicken or the egg?

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Which of the following two statements is correct (without getting into a long debate about genetics and the like, please):

"Overweight people are overweight because they eat a lot."

"Overweight people eat a lot because they're overweight and therefore need more food."

You get my point? Just because a lot of people are happy and have lots of friends, that doesn't mean that in order to be happy you need to have a lot of friends.

In fact, it could mean that happy people have lots of friends because people like to be with people who are happy. So these people tend to spontaneously attract lots of friends.

To then claim that they're happy because they have lots of friends could be just sooo far off the mark.

Some food for thought

Okay, we could go round and round indefinitely with this one and end up nowehere. But before I invite you to take a reading break and watch a video of people dancing and being happy, I'll end off with these comments for your consideration:

  • "The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."
  • Happiness is a state of feeling good. It is a feeling - a natural feeling.
  • The feeling can bubble up of its own accord, without any external 'reason' or stimulus.
  • The feeling can also bubble up when it is triggered by an external stimulus - be it a friendship, a financial windfall, a beautiful sunset, helping someone else, you name it.
  • People who seem to experience happiness, joy, contentment on a consistent basis over a fairly long period of time, are described as being happy people.
  • Such people rely less on external stimuli to 'make them happy'. They just are happy.
  • The secret of happiness is that happiness comes from within.
  • The master key to happiness is what I call moving towards Self-Alignment.

To explore some of these ideas further, use the menu bar on the left, or click on some links at the end of this page.

Okay, enough analysis paralysis for now. Enjoy the videos, even if you've seen them before.

Happy Kids Dancing The Kwela
A Township Dance in South Africa

Happy People Dancing Video on You Tube
Matt Harding and Melissa Nixon Expedition

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