Your Consciousness Creates Your Reality

(And Therefore Your Level Of Happiness)

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Some things we can observe around us

People clearly know that consciousness creates. Have you ever heard something like any of the following statements?

  • "I don't even want to think about it!"
  • "Don't talk like that, or it might happen to you!"
    (a clear acknowledgement that consciousness creates)
  • The Universal Law of Attraction says that birds of a feather flock together

  • "Birds of a feather flock together."
    (a realization that like attracts like)
  • "Oh, he's always attracting some problem in his life."
    (an acceptance that we attract things into our lives)
  • "She's just accident-prone."
    (again, a realization that people themselves attract the kind of life they experience)
  • "They just live from one crisis to the next. That's how it is for them."
  • "He seems to set his desires and then always get what he wants."
    (an acknowledgement that some people have the skill to set their desires on what they want, and their attention brings it to them)

Attention affects … and consciousness creates

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It is a known scientific phenomenon that when research experiments are done at a level where measurement is extremely subtle, the mere fact that the scientist's attention is focused on the object of research actually causes a change in the object being measured at that extremely subtle level.

So it has been scientifically established that human attention does have an effect on the object of attention.

It has also been observed that when human attention is given to some animal, fish, or plant, that attention has some noticeable and measurable effect on the living object of attention.

So, based on what science has discovered thus far, it seems certain that human attention does have some kind of effect on its environment.

Our attention affects what we experience

We also know in our own life-experience that what we put our own attention on without doubt has an effect on ourselves.

For example, if we look at or hear something we consider to be ugly or nasty or unpleasant, it immediately evokes a response in our emotions so that we want to move away and not give it any further attention.

Industrial scene Many people don't like to live close to an industrial area; they just find it too ugly and unpleasant on their sense of sight.

It makes them feel unhappy and wanting to live somewhere they would consider more pleasant, where their surroundings are more pleasing to their feelings and emotions.

Some people find the sound of fingernails scraping on a blackboard - or even the sound of the chalk scraping - so unpleasant that they screw up their faces and bodies in horror and say they cannot stand that sound.

On the other hand, many people find great joy and peace in watching a sunset, or a sunrise, or living by the sea, or near mountains, or sitting in a forest watching and listening to the sound of a babbling brook or mountain stream. Others prefer the wide open spaces - grasslands, prairies, or the aridness of semi-desert areas. For many people this is the way they choose how to be happy.

And some people will not walk into one of those sports gear stores that pump out that loud-beat so-called 'music'. I'm one of them. ;-)

So, our first premise here is that giving attention to something does create an effect, both on the object of attention and also on the person giving attention to it.

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