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So many of the quotes we see on the Internet are taken (often out of context) from the writings or speeches of well-known or famous people. Moreover, many of these are statements that were made decades or centuries ago by philosophers or writers who are no longer with us.

These quotes get tweeted in Twitter, posted in Facebook and Google+ and other sites with a lot of repetition across the Web. Those posting such posts tend to search the Net and 'borrow' such quotes from the blogs and websites of others.

It's time for some new, original thoughts

It's time to read and write some fresh ideas, or at least some fresh and modern ways of expressing ancient wisdom. The world is now older and wiser, and more enlightened in many ways. Also, with science and astronomy continuing to discover new insights into what makes life tick, wisdom thinkers have more knowledge on which their own personal insights and ideas can come alive.

So, the purpose of this page is to:

  • provide a hub for fresh new 'quotables' that can inspire today's world into expanding love and happiness well into the future;
  • invite YOU and others to share your own insights and wisdom with the world so that you yourself can become a quoted celebrity in your own right.

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Inspirational Life Quotes By Brett Kubler 
The world isn't fair, life isn't fair. But life doesn't care. It causes you pain, but in that pain you gain the strength to climb out of this abyss. We …

Inspirational Life Quotes By Megha Suri 
Somethings are always meant to be the 'First' and 'Last' and in the gap holds the 'LIFE'. ♥ - Megha Suri Comments Tip …

Inspirational Life Quotes By Edewede Oriwoh Not rated yet
21st century: The world is now a place where my business is your business and we are quickly approaching a point where no man can suffer alone anymore. …

Inspirational Life Quotes By Suzhanna Not rated yet
The past won't move with you if you don't tie a string to it and drag it with you. Let it go and think about the future, about how many different strings …

Inspirational Life Quotes By Kim J. Baaden Not rated yet
Wealth is not what you have but what you are. - Kim J. Baaden Not only fight 'against' something. …

Life Quotes By Vijay Samuel Benjamin Not rated yet
Your rewards in life are determined by the kinds of problems you are willing to solve. - Vijay Samuel Benjamin Every Interaction is an Opportunity - …

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