Our Awakening Consciousness Enlivens
Qualities In The Unified Field

This page follows on from Page 1 - Awakening Consciousness which explains how the mind taps into the subtlest field of consciousness - which scientists say is in fact the Unified Field of all the laws of nature - and enlivens its qualities within our own consciousness.

So, let's take a look at 24 of the qualities that scientists say are inherent in the Unified Field - the qualities we innocently draw on during a session with an effective meditation technique or my own favourite, Conscious Mental Rest©.

Qualities of the Unified Field

All possibilities Infinite dynamism Pure knowledge
Bliss  Infinite organizing power  Purifying
Evolutionary  Infinite silence Self-referral
Freedom  Integrating Self-sufficiency
Fully awake within itself Invincibility Simplicity
Harmonizing Nourishing Total potential of natural law
Immortality Perfect balance Unboundedness
Infinite correlation Perfect orderliness Unmanifest

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Note the second quality listed above - Bliss.

Consciously tapping into this field every day is in fact how you unlock your happiness from within.

Your awakening consciousness gets increasingly enlivened with these qualities. This is the beauty of meditation and CMR. Without trying hard to become a better person, a healthier person, you just do - spontaneously and effortlessly.

We can gently accelerate the process if we wish (recommended), by using our awareness more effectively to speed up the dropping of old habits that are not conducive to self-improvement and the expansion of happiness. This too is easy and natural, and it is explained in detail in the Conscious Mental Attention section of this site.

And even if the scientists are wrong, and the source of our thoughts is not the Unified Field, we are still tapping in to that field of creative consciousness deep within us and enlivening its qualities and abilities to enhance our lives. So, what do we have to lose?

What follows below are just a few examples of how the qualities of the Unified Field come to be expressed more and more in our life with the regular experience of Conscious Mental Rest©, or with an effective meditation technique.

I'll take the quality of perfect orderliness for this first example.

Orderliness experienced after CMR

Many people (myself included) have noticed that after a session of Conscious Mental Rest© they find that - quite spontaneously - they are tidying up their surroundings: putting things away, placing things neatly in an orderly way on the table or kitchen counter, and such like. This is one of the noticeable benefits meditation produces almost instantly for some people.

This is not a coincidence. This is the effect of enlivening the quality of Perfect Orderliness in the settled state of consciousness. This quality of orderliness then flows through us and is expressed as a more orderly mind and a desire for order. This is the nature of awakening consciousness.

If you’ve already learnt Conscious Mental Rest© you can think about each of those qualities of the Unified Field as listed on the, and I'm sure you’ll find a few other examples where you yourself have actually noticed some change in a particular area or your life as a result of your CMR sessions.

Deeper wisdom from Conscious Mental Rest©

Here's another example of awakening consciousness. Pure Knowledge, another of the qualities of the Unified Field, may express itself as a feeling of greater knowingness, deeper wisdom about life, less fear of death, and a sense of being at home with all branches of knowledge without necessarily having learnt the nitty-gritty details or each.

Harmonizing the diversity

The Harmonizing quality of the Unified Field might display itself in an increasing ability to 'see' the common aspects of diverse elements. For example, despite the perceived and real differences between different nations, societies, races, cultures, etc., one may come to see also, at a deeper or more subtle level, the common thread of humanity. This is not in an intellectual way, but in a ‘knowing’ kind of way – a subtle sense of unity within diversity, so to speak.

The 'simplicity' quality

Free mp3 Course - Conscious Mental RestAnd here's our last example of awakening consciousness through the regular practice of an effective meditation method. The Simplicity quality may express itself as a tendency to want to simplify one's life – perhaps in terms of finances, possessions, lifestyle, friendships, recreational preferences, what one eats, and so on.

All these changes are examples of the kinds of benefits meditation gives us. The benefits meditation brings in fact span the entire spectrum of human psycho-physiology including improved mental and physical health, happiness, intellectual ability to name just a few.

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