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by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

I believe that self-improvement advice should include the question of how and when to do the practices one is following. And it is my contention that a self-improvement strategy that has a specific time set aside for it every day works better for most people than one that requires doing something, or several things, off and on during the day. I'll explain why I think this holds true.

Do you remember to do all the little tasks every day?

I'm one of those people - and I am sure there are probably many of us - who find that when we get into the day's activities we forget about all the little things we 'should' be doing. Even the mundane things can slip our minds - like buying some milk on the way home, or phoning to cancel the newspaper delivery while we're away. (Do they still deliver newspapers these days?)

Let's say I am supposed to repeat an affirmation ten times a day. I can guarantee you that I will not remember to do that regularly throughout the day. I just get too involved with other stuff.

I easily remember the bigger tasks and projects I must attend to. But when it comes to the little things, well, I'm not always so good at that. Perhaps this is why many people don't make New Year's resolutions - because they simply forget to implement them?

I imagine that people who decide to take vitamins or have to take medication more than once a day prefer to set up a routine of some sorts to make sure they remember to take them as recommended.

Routine works better for many of us

So, as far as I'm concerned, the better way to attend to self-improvement of any kind is to create a routine - a time you set aside regularly for the particular activity or practice you've decided to use. People do this for physical fitness, for example. They go to the gym, say, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work, or whenever their particular regimen and circumstances suggest are the best times. Or they may jog every evening after work.

The thing is: it's a routine. So they plan their week to take that commitment into account. This makes it easier to stick to the commitment and gain the maximum benefits. Missing frequently, or going only when one remembers, will not bring the desired results. This same principle applies to self-improvement in the area of mind and consciousness too.

Now, the beauty of a self-improvement method such as Conscious Mental Rest, or some other effective regimen, is that you can set time aside for it every day, just like we do for taking a shower, having breakfast, and so on. Once we have the routine established, then it's simply a matter of spending that time every morning on our method, and then getting on with life. And we can do the same every late afternoon/evening.

The benefits come from regular daily sessions, and we don't need to remember throughout the day to do our little practices of affirmations, use our mind tools, and so on. We have our routine session, and its effects happen by themselves - spontaneously.

Routine can reduce stress too

Having a twice-a-day routine that fits in well with how we have structured our daily life has another important advantage over one that continues throughout the day, as and when we remember to do it. Routine removes the pressures of having to remember to do our practices, when our minds are fully engaged with what is also important - like working for our living, cooking, raising children, and so on. So we eliminate a potential source of stress, self-chastisement, and split attention.

So, in conclusion, I am happy that I have a daily routine which includes two sessions of a self-improvement method that I can do and then get on with my day or evening, free of any additional tricks and tools to remember. It gives me more freedom to use my attention effectively.

I wonder what others feel about this. Feel free to use the link below to share your views and experience.

~ Gavin

Ref: Conscious Mental Rest

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