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Here's a dead easy and quite natural way to learn how to think positive (ly) in order to more easily fulfil your inner desires and bring you more happiness. This is the universal law of attraction in action.

The appreciation exercise

From picking up my cellphone, (previous page) which is an item most of us take for granted most of the time - except perhaps the day we bought it - and by simply consciously and deliberately appreciating the various aspects of this little metal-and-plastic object, I discovered several things:

  1. I gave attention to things that I like, so I enlivened 'positive vibes' in me, so to speak. I learned how to think positive ly. I know - from experience - that that energy will attract into my life more of what I like and enjoy. And I enlivened happiness at the same time, as well as optimism and a joyful anticipation.
  2. As I thought about each feature, I easily appreciated it and what it meant to me. I created even more positive vibes, and triggered more happiness from within.
  3. As I explored my phone's features, and experienced more genuine appreciation, I spontaneously found even more things to appreciate. It snowballed as positive thought-energy led to (or attracted) more positive thought-energy. So, this is answer to the dilemma of how to think positive ly.
  4. Now here's an interesting thing. I found too that my appreciation of a physical metal-and-plastic object led me spontaneously towards an attitude of gratitude towards all those people who had pooled their skills over the years to create the whole cellular phone system and handsets. So the attitude of gratitude was totally spontaneous and real, and in no way contrived. I retained my personal integrity and Self-Alignment© without even trying. And it came as a result of appreciating a physical object.

Appreciation = how to think positive ly too

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineThe pages about Conscious Mental Attention© talk about the need to give our attention to what we do like, and not to what we don't like. In this way we enliven in our consciousness - and therefore we attract into our lives - the kinds of things we desire. In effect this how to be happy through being appreciative.

Now here's an interesting observation. By appreciating the features of a cellphone, what actually happened inside me?

  • I was giving my attention to what I like.
  • By doing that I was - without even being aware of it or trying - simultaneously focusing on positive aspects. I was enlivening the power of positive thinking.

All this occurred by simply appreciating the features of the phone that I like and which trigger my happiness. So I scored multifold:

  • I easily gave attention to what I like, not to what I don't like.
  • This led to positive thinking.
  • My act of appreciation also led to an attitude of gratitude.
  • My happiness expanded from within.
  • As I gave thought to things I like, more such things came into my awareness (starting with just the shape of the phone, and then snowballing into more and more features).
  • I was witnessing the Universal Law of Attraction in action, in front of my very eyes, there and then, as more good thoughts brought more good thoughts to me.
  • I was in effect already working with the Universal Law of Attraction to invite more good things and situations into my life.

Isn't it beautiful how one simple habit can achieve so many benefits?

So, where do we go from here?

Start the appreciation habit today

As stated elsewhere, the three important qualities, or attitudes, or habitual behaviours for a happy and peaceful life are:




I hope I have shown you that practising appreciation in a non-awkward an non-embarrassing way can lead to all those other favoured experiences of positive thinking and gratitude. So, on the next page we'll look at some simple practice homework you can do in order to start triggering some life-enhancing changes and get the wheels oiled to usher in a better life of more happiness and fulfilment.

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