Become Your Own Symbol For Happiness

Smiley Face - the universal symbol for happiness

There's a symbol for happiness in many cultures throughout the world, yet none has emerged to become such a universal symbol of happiness as the yellow smiley face.

The reason for this is quite simple: a smile is a sign of a happy person. Happy people do smile more than people who are not experiencing happiness. And the yellow represents the bright and cheerful sunshine.

Smiling creates 'happy chemicals'

Interestingly, scientists have discovered that the act of smiling actually stimulates an increase of 'happy chemicals' in the body. So not only is smiling a symbol of happiness, or a sign of a person's feeling happy, but it can also stimulate the experience of happiness.

Use the symbol for happiness to improve your mood

Now that it is well known that we can create happy chemicals in our body simply by smiling, we can use this knowledge to shift from a sad, down, despondent mood to a lighter, more cheerful mood simply by moving our facial muscles to give a smile.

Even if you give a false smile - that is, you're not actually feeling smiley or happy, but you just give the muscular expression of a smile anyway - you can shift your mood. And by shifting your mood to a lighter one you can start to feel a little happier and be your own symbol for happiness.

You can easily move your vibrations towards more happiness

Besides smiling, you can do other things to lift your vibes from feeling a little down and start experiencing better feelings. You may not be able to leap from sadness to happiness in one shift, but you can edge your way up bit by bit, even if it is simply by singing a song you like.

Sing a happy song to yourself,or play happy music

Here's something I used to do when I was driving in gloomy weather in another city to attend Board meetings in a grubby little factory town. I would sing at the top of my voice in the car, and the song I always chose was Oh what a beautiful morning! from the musical Oklahoma.

Recently I had the urge to hear that song again (sung by someone with a decent voice) so I did a search on the Internet and found a lovely video clip of a clean-cut cowboy singing "the corn is as high as an elephant's eye" as his horse walked through the corn fields.

Click on the play icon below to hear the song that never failed to lift my mood when I needed it.

Avoid being your own UNhappy smiley!

Symbol of UNhapiness

Look in the mirror a few times each day, without posing, and see what expression you are displaying. Are you a symbol for happiness, or for the other fella?

Perhaps take time out each day to consciously and deliberately give a smile, even if it's the last thing you feel like doing at the time. See if it shifts your mood. Just the 'silliness' of smiling at nothing can even bring on a genuine smile. Try it now. :-)

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