A Kindness Lesson
That Can Change Lives

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Here's a short kindness lesson that introduces the quickest and easiest way to increase happiness by sowing seeds of kindness every day.

This page follows on from Page 1 which gives the meaning of kindness.

You cannot fake love

Love is an experience. You either feel love towards someone, or you don't. So it is not really appropriate for everyone to repeat an affirmation that "I love the world." ... or ... "I love my neighbour", or to go around behaving as if s/he does. That is not real; it is pseudo-love. It is false.

Your deeper self knows that. So you are in fact compromising your own personal integrity. And you cannot be happy when you are compromising your own personal integrity. Such compromise takes you away from Self-Alignment instead of moving towards it.

However … you can be kind

I feel sure that everyone can adopt a behaviour such as being kind to others, no matter whether they love them, or like them or not. And you don't need to feel or tell yourself that you are a kind person before you can do kind acts or say kind things. You can just do it! It's pretty easy.

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Being kind can consist of such basic things as being civil, polite, respectful, courteous, not blasting the guy at the other end of the phone, and so on. It can be helping a neighbour get his car started -- anything that adds to the quality of another's life, and which we ourselves can see our way clear to doing for someone.

So ... my own experience - taken from the kindness lesson life has given me - has been that if we are vigilant in noticing our feelings, and conscious in the choices we make based on those feeling, we can indeed be kind to others, without being false. And if we are kind, then we feel good. And the 'flavour' of that good feeling has a 'love' tinge to it.

Regular kindness in fact cultivates a caring and loving nature, and leads to a kind of unconditional love. And, most importantly, it leads to greater self-love.

The other part of the kindness lesson that leads to love

The teaching that many have heard does not simply say, love you neighbour. It adds: as you love yourself. So, self-love is actually the basis on which we can love others. And being kind to others enlivens our own experience of self-worth and self-love.

By implementing this kindness lesson, we expand happiness

An aphorism for kindness

So that is why I have created an aphorism about kindness. Anyone should be able to pursue a life of being kind, including being kind to oneself. If you're 'into' affirmations you can use this as one of your daily affirmations.

Here it is … short and simple … and believable to your inner consciousness too.

When I am kind, I feel good.

Affirmations must be believable

Affirmations have a habit of backfiring and not working in many situations. One important thing, as far as I am concerned, is that if you use an affirmation that does not really reflect what you believe deep down to be true, then as you say or think the affirmation there will be this little voice inside saying something like: Hey! That's not true, and you know it!

Or you have two thoughts running at the same time: one being the affirmation and the other one thinking: I wonder if this will really work for me this time? It's never worked before!

Examples of backfiring affirmations

  1. I have abundance! (But the bank statement tells a completely different story, so how can I believe the affirmation anyway?)
  2. I am perfectly healthy! (Well, except for my colon, and my sore back … so I'm not really perfectly health, am I?)
  3. I enjoy a great relationship with my partner, and it gets better every day. (Gosh, I wish that were true, but is isn't! That is why I am using this affirmation in the first place.)
So, I firmly believe that if you make a statement to yourself, it must be one which rings true for you at all levels. And I believe the wording of the kindness affirmation given above is does indeed make it a believable statement. Do you agree? Or are you not convinced?

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