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Gavin Hoole Photo Hi there. I'm Gavin Hoole and I'm pleased you've dropped by to check out my Unlock Your Happiness website. I do hope you find lots here that is of interest to you.

For a good number of years of my younger life I was what one might call a 'seeker', wanting to understand the mysteries of life and my own status and role in this vast universe.

My seeking wasn't solely for the purpose of intellectual understanding. It was also for the purpose of experiencing real self-improvement -- to be a better human being and to enjoy more fully what life has to offer.

My journey didn't involve going to the Himalayas or anything as exciting as that. It was more an inner journey in the exploration of per my own deeper consciousness.

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine In my young adulthood I came to feel inside me that what I needed, and what I wanted, was to find a way to 'transcend' the mental processes and experience my own essence - pure awareness, silent consciousness. Truth cannot be had through thinking and discussion. I felt that to know, one must experience

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

~ T. S. Eliot

I get to transcend

On 22 February 1975 I had that consciously intended experience of transcendence, under the guidance of a trained teacher of the world's most researched technique of meditation.

From that time on I felt I had found the end of my search for the beginning, as I described it then. I felt I was no longer a 'seeker', but rather a 'finder' - a finder of the first rung on the conscious ladder to more happiness and fulfilment in life.

This website

I created this website as a means of sharing with others some of the insights I have gained, and the key strategies I believe will turn words and inspiration into real results.

I don't claim to know it all. Most of us will never know it all in this life anyway. But each day we can know more than we knew the day before.

If this website can give you even just one little hint or idea, or resolve just one question or one desire that you may have, then I will have helped you take one more step in your own journey towards increasing peace and contentment. And that will add to my own joy.

Better still, if you decide to follow the suggested two doable keys to happiness, and you find them worthwhile so that you do indeed notice a better quality of life developing for you, then that will be First Prize for me.

The Site Map link near the top of the navigation menu on the left will give you a pretty good overview of what you'll find at this site.

On the domestic front

Before the end of 2010 I will be 70 years of age (geeze, that sounds old!). I was married for three decades and have three children who are now all happy adults. Photos of them and their spouses and children are scattered here and there over this website.

After a career through the corporate world with Ford South Africa, Ford Australia and one other company that took me to Board level, I later did some business management consulting in my own small practice. I am now (2009-2010) semi-retired and having great fun building this website and still writing the odd teaching manual.

I live in Cape Town doing what I enjoy -- experiencing and exploring consciousness, and being as happy as I can.

Conscious Mental Rest

After 30-plus years of using an excellent technique of deep meditation, and its advanced programmes, my daily meditations later evolved into a new method of my own which I call Conscious Mental Rest©.

I love sharing this simple, effortless method of stress release and spontaneous mental quietening with anyone who is interested. I have therefore prepared an audio-and-e-mail course that you can sign up for if you are not already using an effective method of transcending meditation.

My publishing work

In recent years, since leaving the corporate world in the nineties, I have busied myself with writing and authoring various books to help beginners master certain knowledge and skills in practical life. My personal website (fairly new and in need of a revamp now that I know a bit more about website building the easy way) has more info on that aspect of my life, if you're interested.

I hope this resumé gives you some insights into the voice behind the words on this website. Enjoy your stay. I hope you return again soon too. :-)

Best wishes,


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About Gavin Hoole - That's Me (this page)

My Search For The Truth About Life:
One Man's Inner Journey To Find The Truth About Life
- Transcendence - My First Experience During Meditation
- Transcendental Bliss Without A Meditation Technique
- Transcending Without Meditation Or A Guru
- How Conscious Mental Rest Originated
- How Conscious Mental Attention Originated
- Conclusion: The Two Sides In The Expansion Of Happiness

Some Personal Glimpses Of A More Subtle Level Of Awareness:
My Experience Of Silent Peace When I Was About 4
Peace, Love And Happiness - My Heart-bursting Experience
My Bliss Experience At A Meditation Weekend

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