My Transcendental Experience
Without A Meditation Tecnique

Do we really need a 'technique' ... or a guru order to have a transcendental experience?

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Even though I slipped easily into the routine of the 'programme', all this time I still felt that if a transcendental experience were meant to be natural, which I intuitively felt it should be, then why was it considered necessary to employ a meditation technique, typically learned from an Eastern sage or Guru? A childhood experience I recalled seemed to confirm this too.

My experience at the beach as a youngster

I remembered an experience I once had when I was a young boy on Humewood Beach in Port Elizabeth. I don't remember exactly how old I was at the time, but I guess I was probably between the ages of 8 and 10. I was with someone at the time, possibly my mother.

Humewood Beach in the early nineteen fifties

We were reclining in the folding wood-and-canvas deck chairs the city provided for a small fee. The photo above is of the very beach I am talking about, and at about the era I am referring to. And those are the deck chairs like the one I was sitting on.

I remember this next part very clearly. I was sitting there facing the sea, watching the sun reflecting off the rolling waves. People were in the sea, some swimming their way out to the 'ropes' -- ropes which hung down from a horizontal cable so that people could grab on to one if they were drifting out beyond their depth of comfort.

I closed my eyes

I closed my eyes and soaked up the morning sun. In the background I heard the sounds of children playing on the sandy beach -- laughter, yelling, and so on. I realised only afterwards that their sounds had seemed to fade into the distance as I lay back on my sloping canvas of the deck chair. I was not asleep. I was awake -- very definitely and clearly awake. Yet there was a definite and subtle quietness in my mind at the same time.

Changing consciousness gear

Then my mother (or whoever it was who was next to me) asked me: "Would you like an ice cream?"? It was as if I was being pulled upwards and outwards from some kind of transcendental consciousness to a denser, more surface-type level of awareness in order to be able to articulate an answer. I heard the ice cream bell from the vendor walking along the beach.

It was almost an intrusion into my private state of reverie, and it brought with it a disappointment that the transcendental experience had been halted. Yet without that ice cream invitation I wonder whether I would ever have recognised later that I had been in a subtler state of consciousness - close to what I would now call transcendence.

The reason I mention this experience is because it showed me that it is indeed possible to move towards mental quiet without deliberately trying. So, when some 30 or 40 years later I asked the question, 'do we really need a technique', this experience came to me, and I received my own answer: "No, you don't. It can happen spontaneously, given the right conditions."

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