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Here are some CMR testimonials about the benefits of meditation as reported by people whom I've taught how to experience Conscious Mental Rest on a one-on-one personal basis or via the CD pack or downloadable course from this website.

Now that anyone worldwide can learn Conscious Mental Rest online via this website's downloadable meditation mp3 files, in the years ahead I expect to receive more CMR testimonials about increased happiness as well.

Click here for additional very interesting CMR testimonials spontaneously written on the old CMR forum by two practitioners - one in the USA and one in Australia.

Although the content is presented with great clarity and apparent simplicity, the effects are profound.

- Iona, UK

Thank you Gavin for making this wonderful technique so freely available. This is most generous of you. CMR is without doubt the best meditation I have ever learned. I love the naturalness of the method. I have a history of hopping from one meditation technique to another in frustration, trying to find a way to actually calm my mind (over the course of 40+ years!). At last I can find a growing clarity and rest in my mind when I do CMR, and I am beginning to let go of that unuseful habit of 'trying' to control my meditation sessions. I wish I had found this years ago!

- Julie, Therapist, UK

"Dear Gavin,

I just have to tell you how much your CMR has changed my life in the two years I have been doing it.

Even though there are times when I don't feel in the mood to sit down for CMR (I practise it in the morning and again in the late afternoon), I know beforehand that once I have finished my session, the reward is really great and worth the time given to it.

A calm envelops me, which is beautiful and precious. I could not imagine my life without CMR.

Thank you, Gavin, from the middle of my heart."
- Helga-Dorothee, South Africa

"Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the profound simplicity & open honesty of your CMR – there really is no other meditation method that can compare to it – although I have sometimes described it to people as being like an internal or closed-eye form of mindfulness."
- PruJoy, Australia

"Dear Mr Gavin, On behalf of mankind, I would like to thank you for sharing this very valuable knowledge with us, without asking something back in return. You're a great man, because you know what Love is : always giving and never asking Thank you and may God bless you forever, because you dare to share."
- Leandro Da Silva, France

"I feel better since the day I started with CMR. It seems as if I shed off all my mental and emotional load. I suffered form a strange pain in my liver area for almost 5 months, but since I started the CMR, it has almost disappeared. How is this possible!"
- Lianna, Netherlands

"I have to thank you very much for the valuable lessons I've learnt from CMR. I was struggling with my meditations and CMR has taught me to recognise what it is that I need to do, what not to do and how to do it. I thought that I needed to be completely thoughtless and was finding it very difficult. I was very impressed by the clear explanations about the types of thoughts that enter the mind and how to deal with them and just the whole presentation. It just made things very clear to me.

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"Each time I do CMR, it just becomes easier for my mind to rest and it's truly a wonderful feeling. I had problems sleeping and this has also improved. I feel calmer, serene and in touch with myself. I definitely have made CMR a part of my daily routine and if for some reason I find it difficult to fit it in my day, I can definitely feel the difference it has on my wellbeing. Whenever I'm feeling down or feel that I need a bit of energy, I do CMR and it works.

Thank you so much."
- Ghairo, Cape Town, South Africa

"The most effective meditation tool I've come across."
- D, Cape Town, South Africa

"I find it easier than the Buddhist-type meditation I was using. I actually prefer CMR and really enjoy it."
- Alan J, Cape Town, South Africa

Immediately after her first session:
"That was awesome!"
- Cali, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

“I have been using CMR every day since I got it. It’s great. I have been meditating for several years using different techniques but the simplicity of your method is unsurpassable. The explanation / metaphor on your CD regarding the nature of thoughts is outstanding.”
- WG, Florida, USA

"... it's a brilliant exposition of the method, so clear and simple. I very much like the three kinds of mental activity explanation and the way you guide the subject into their 'mental comfort zone'."
- Tony, Brighton, UK

"You've created a highly effective and simple course to learn and I see an ever-growing dimension to the benefits and personal growth in my life."
- Mark, USA

"I’ve practiced NSR meditation for 3 months and changed to CMR for 1 month. Again CMR is the best way and most natural way to happy. I feel the good opportunity coming to me continuously."
- Katawut, Thailand

"There is a relaxed state over me that wasn't there before the session. As with NSR meditation, I feel I am less stressful and more creative. I like it. It feels more relaxing to do than NSR meditation which I did for more than a year now."
- Patrick, Netherlands

CMR Testimonials - continued, below...

"I think the course is very clear (as a course in these matters can be) and is a gift for mankind."
- Bob, USA

"I always end each session in a calm, peaceful, quiet state.

"I notice an immediate improvement in feeling less hassled by everyday stresses and more responsive to the sights (especially colours) and life around me.

"I'm finding that using your CMR technique and ignoring the mantra (from the TM technique previously used) - unless it really really wants to put in an appearance - is working very well. I feel very opened up afterwards. You've simplified Maharishi's original simple and natural technique! Maybe I'm one of those who gets along better without seed syllables.

"I'm continuing CMR twice a day and fully appreciating its benefits: alas the technique is so simple that many who could benefit will go looking for a more demanding regimen. Thanks Gavin."
- Vince, UK

"I have started CMR (Conscious Mental Rest) and I can assure Christians that it only leads to a closer relationship with Christ and helps us to realize the truth of Jesus' teaching on the Kingdom being Within."
- Bishop Lee Petersen, OFJ, D.D.

"I would highly recommend this CMR course to anyone interested in bettering themselves through meditation. Not only is it so easy to learn but the benefits are quick in coming and I have no doubt in my mind that the longer you practice the technique the better things will become for you in the near future with regular practice.

"The technique is that great. It is well worth the price especially when you see how much you get out of practicing it. Besides, other techniques often cost much more and give very little in return. Such is not the case with CMR."
- Rick, USA

Click here for some interesting CMR testimonials taken from our old Forum.

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It has been very heart-warming for me to receive these CMR testimonials. It confirms that Conscious Mental Rest truly is appreciated. Thank you!
- Gavin, Founder of Conscious Mental Rest

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