The Mind Body Connection Creates Both Mental And Physical Rest During Conscious Mental Rest

The mind body connection and stress relief

Meditation man outdoors in forest When the mind is given the opportunity to turn inwards, and away from being engaged in the thinking process and the identification with the variety in our world, it finds a new direction for its quest for bliss, happiness and peace.

We use the effortless process taught in the Conscious Mental Rest© course to give the mind this opportunity to shift its direction from outwards to inwards. And we allow the spontaneous and natural tendency of the mind to move towards its source of bliss within.

At first the mind continues skimming around with surface activity: thoughts, images, and so on, and it will continue to lure our attention into becoming engaged in the thinking process.

The mind begins to settle down gradually and spontaneously

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However, using the mechanics of Conscious Mental Rest©, we give our mind the opportunity to settle down a little, and as it does so it experiences subtler levels of mental activity – almost instinctively, and certainly spontaneously; that is, without our causing it to do so.

This is similar to what happens when we lie down to sleep at night. We lie down and the mind moves towards sleep-rest. The difference is that as we fall asleep we also move out of our waking state of consciousness – either into a non-aware state, or into a new state of dream awareness.

But in CMR, we remain awake; we stay conscious as our mind is allowed to rest. This is why it is called Conscious Mental Rest©.

And so, while we are allowing this spontaneous process to take place while sitting up with our eyes closed and not inviting sleep, after a little time our mind starts to experience some increasing comfort in this lesser mental activity – some ‘peace of mind’, so to speak, a subtler level of more profound energy, harmony and comfort.

During the CMR process, the entire mind-body system has the opportunity to settle down, little by little. Thoughts become somewhat fainter, less articulated, less distracting. We are, in effect, allowing the mind to move gradually to what is called a ‘less excited’ or less active state of consciousness.

As the mind settles down so does the body

Because of the intimate mind body connection, the mind and the body move in harmony with this settling-down process. The body settles down a little, and takes the mind with it. The mind instinctively settles down some more, and takes the body with it.

This is why during CMR, as we allow the mind to rest, we notice that our body likewise starts to rest too. For example, breathing may become shallower; or our arms may start to feel a little heavier. This all happens by itself. We don’t try to make it happen. And this is part of what is meant by the term mind body connection.

As the mind settles down, it seems to ...

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Conscious Mental Rest for deeper happiness and peace of mind

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