Stress Release During CMR Is Automatic And Triggers New Thoughts

How stress release causes thoughts during Conscious Mental Rest©

In every session of Conscious Mental Rest stresses are being loosened from deep within our physiology. As these stresses get dislodged, there is some subtle physical activity going on.

This activity is mirrored in the mind too – which is part of our total mind body system. And when the mind is non-still, there is some level of fluctuation in consciousness. At a subtle level this may be experienced simply as dullness or some cloudiness. At a grosser level it is experienced as thoughts and thinking.

Stress release triggers mental activity too

This is why we are cautious not to create any impression that you will start your session and very quickly be glowing in a field of pure bliss consciousness for the next twenty minutes or so. It doesn't work that way.

The clearing of stresses during CMR, and the thoughts that come, are part of the process. This is explained during the course of instruction.

So, the settling down of the mind towards that state is enough to trigger some dissolution of stress. And this process – which is good and essential for a full expression of life in happiness and joy – clouds the fullest possible experience of inner peace and joy.

We therefore just accept whatever happens, innocently and without expectations or effort, knowing that all is well. Stresses are being dissolved during every session, and we are moving towards more and more joy and happiness in daily life.

With CMR one’s life improves spontaneously

Literally, every aspect of our life is improved as a result. And we notice subtle changes in ourselves as we go about our daily living. Yet we don’t make this happen on purpose. It happens as a by-product of our twice-daily sessions of Conscious Mental Rest©.

What others say about Conscious Mental Rest©

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The Effortlessness Of CMR:
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