Use The Universal Law Of Attraction
To Enliven Your Inner Happiness

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The Universal Law of Attraction:
Our attention attracts more of the same

When you give your attention to the thoughts that are popping up in your mind, you enliven them or energize them, so to speak. And as those thoughts - which consist of electrical impulses in our brains - become enlivened or energized by your own attention, this added attention, through the Universal Law of Attraction, attracts more thoughts of a similar nature.

Loose thoughts become coherent thinking

Based on our everyday observations, and on what people typically say when they are confronted by a potentially undesirable situation (see previous page), we can therefore reasonably accept that human attention has some dynamic relationship with that on which it is focussed.

What we put our attention on intensifies in our lives

Magnet Or, we could say that like attracts like.

Those who speak in terms of everything in the universe being vibration might say:

Attention, through our thinking about something, attracts to itself (that is, to the person giving the attention, or doing the thinking) more thoughts of similar vibrational essence, as well as things and people and circumstances of similar vibrational essence too.

Indeed, this is the basis of what is referred to as the Universal Law of Attraction.

Choose wisely what you give attention to

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If we accept this premise as sounding fairly logical, then it is not a major jump to accept that what we choose to give our attention to might well be quite important in regard to the quality of our life.

And indeed it really is, because what we give our sustained attention to (in our mind) we are in effect attracting into our life, even physically.

This may be starting to sound a little esoteric, so let's come back down to earth with an example that is familiar to a lot of people.

Have you ever thought about replacing your motor vehicle with a new one, or another pre-owned one? - or of buying a washing machine, a lounge suite, or a fridge?

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