An Awakening Consciousness Is What
Causes The Benefits Of Meditation To Flow

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By awakening consciousness at its most quite or still level in the human mind, through a method such as Conscious Mental Rest©, we can enjoy the benefits of meditation (an effective meditation technique, that is) to enhance the quality of our lives.

But how does this actually happen? Why does mental quietness result a better life, and why is Conscious Mental Rest© such an effective method.

This is what I was recently asked by a fairly new practitioner of CMR who is obviously extremely satisfied with what he has been experiencing during his first week of having twice-daily Conscious Mental Rest. He was now trying to understand why

So these two pages are intended to clarify how awakening consciousness during CMR actually works to bring about the benefits associated with effective meditation techniques.

How To Be Happy - Unlock Your Happiness From Within

The mind seeks out peace and quiet

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine The process of Conscious Mental Rest© takes advantage of how the mind works. And the way the mind works reflects the way many people express their wish after a hectic day of noise and activity: Oh for some peace and quiet!

The 'peace that passes all understanding', which can only be experienced, not intellectualized or described in words, is the peaceful 'place' within, in the field of consciousness from which all thought comes.

This field has been called by many names through the ages. In recent times physicists have pronounced that this field of pure awareness is the same as the Unified Field of all that is – the total potential of natural law in its unexpressed state.

When the human mind is given the opportunity to disengage from its continual thinking, while also remaining awake, it gets the opportunity to re-orientate away from the ‘noise’ of mental fluctuations and to travel inward to the source of all those thoughts that seem to bubble up involuntarily (due to stresses in our mind-body system).

Mental rest without falling asleep

In CMR we give our mind this opportunity, without force or control. But we don’t just sit there daydreaming either. Nor do we fall asleep. We use the simple method as taught in the CMR Course to remain awake and disengage from thoughts and thinking. And that happens naturally during the process.

The mind instinctively moves towards bliss

The mind 'senses' where the source of bliss is, and so, of its own accord, it instinctively moves towards that blissful stillness – towards that 'peace and quiet' that people are searching for. The very nature of the mind itself takes us to that 'place', because that is its natural tendency.

Awakening consciousness draws these qualities outwards

By allowing our attention to be drawn towards this silent field in this way, our conscious awareness then enlivens this field within us. We can call this the process of awakening consciousness at its level of stillness within.

Then, as the mind comes back to the more active levels of thought and thinking, and we get back into the activity of daily living, some of this silent bliss as well as the qualities of that field stay lively in the mind-body system and flow into our daily living.

In other words we progressively live more and more of our untapped inner potential. This is why we find that our lives improve as a result of the regular daily experience of Conscious Mental Rest©.

The Unified Field of all possibilities

If you do a Google search on qualities of the unified field, you will find several websites that enumerate these qualities, based on what some physicists have deduced.

On the next page you'll find 24 of the qualities of the Unified Field. You'll also find them in the last chapter of the Self-Health Plan©, together with a deeper explanation of the Unified Field and how regular consciousness methods, such as effective meditation techniques, can enliven these qualities in our lives.

If science is correct about these qualities, and if the state of pure awareness is in fact the Unified Field of all the laws of nature, then these are the qualities we are enlivening twice a day when we have our sessions of Conscious Mental Rest©.

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