Triggering Your Happiness From Within

Externally triggered happiness

Besides the bubbling of happiness from within, for no apparent reason - which some refer to as authentic happiness - our happiness can also be expanded and enlivened by externally triggered experiences in our day-to-day living. Every child and adult knows this.

A new toy, a new car, a new date, a new home, a new adventure, getting out of debt - all these can make us happy. Or, said more accurately: all of these can trigger the flow of happiness from within.

It's a momentary happiness though. To sustain such happiness we need more of those experiences - like another new toy, a bigger car, a better home, and so on.

Those externally triggered experiences clearly do not bring lasting happiness. Without having that inner bliss at our core, there would be no happiness to trigger in the first place.

So these externally triggered experiences of happiness are non-permanent experiences. Yet external triggers are nevertheless a valid means for the expansion of happiness.

Transitory happiness is quite valid

Sometimes happiness 'purists' play down the role offered by the kind of happiness that external things can enliven - things like wealth, adventures, a new home, and so on.

Because these things don't bring lasting happiness, and must always be replaced by some new experience to keep giving us happiness feelings, this does not make them irrelevant at all as a means to participate joyfully in the purpose of human life.

So the so-called pursuit of happiness is not a completely invalid concept it it is viewed in this context.

Transitory happiness experiences are in fact quite valid and real experiences of happiness on the surface of the ocean. They become less addictive, however, if there is an accompanying abiding peace, joy and contentment emerging spontaneously, with no specific trigger, from the depths of the ocean of life too.

Unlocking the happiness from within

We already have lasting happiness within us, because that is the ‘stuff’ out of which we are made. To experience more of our inner happiness daily, we simply need to tap into it, to unlock it, to let it flow through us. But how?

By nature, we already have the means to unlock our happiness. But lifestyle choices and accumulated stress have helped to block the free-flow of our inner bliss.

To unlock our happiness we need to start dissolving the inner stresses so that our true nature can unfold.

If we don’t already know how to do this, we need to be reminded – to be re-taught. The keys to happiness given on this website reveal what is needed in order to unlock your happiness from within.

In addition, I'll soon be making available a course that explains my own method for turning those keys so that the locks actually do open the treasure chest of happiness within – effortlessly.

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