Love And Happiness From Within:
My Real, Deep, Unexpected Experience

I have had the intense joy of experiencing love and happiness from within - with no external stimulus to trigger it.

The mind creates scenes to match our dreams

I have some thoughts about dreams in relation to reality. It seems to me that when there is a physical sensation in my body during sleep, then my mind creates a dream situation that matches that feeling, emotion or physical experience.

For example, if I’ve badly needed to go to the bathroom while sleeping at night, I have had a dream about visiting toilets in some or other building, usually finding them occupied or for some other reason not suitable.

Then, when my body can’t wait any longer, I wake up from the dream and toddle off to the bathroom wide awake – or perhaps not quite so wide awake. So, in this way, it seems that my mind creates the pictures into which my physical/emotional experience neatly fits. Eventually, when my body really, really needs to step out of the dream state and into waking consciousness, then I wake up.

The same thing seems to happen in nightmares. Perhaps some old stress emotional stress is being released, so the mind creates a distressing dream scenario that includes the emotion of that stress. And when I've had some exercise, a physical stress-release jerk in my legs may be accompanied by a mental image of slipping off a step while climbing some stairs.

My mind creates a scene to match my love and happiness experience

In the mid-seventies, some time after I had learnt to meditate, I was lying on my back in bed at night (I usually sleep on my side) and I had a short dream that I can remember so clearly to this day (2008).

In the dream I found I was in the Anglican cathedral in Grahamstown, a small city where I had attended Rhodes University some decades earlier. I watched the people moving towards the door behind me, to leave the cathedral at the end of the service. I thought: I'll let them walk down the aisle and pass me first; then I'll get up to leave after them.

Just before I stood up, a male figure was coming down the aisle dressed in typical church clothing; so I decided to wait for him to pass before I would exit the pew and follow him down the aisle to the open door.

I hardly looked up, and certainly did not look straight into his face. Then, as he passed by, I experienced an incredible inflow of love and happiness - the purest bliss - to an intensity I had never experienced before – ever – and like I have never experienced again since.

My heart swelled as my entire being experienced an inflow of love-bliss - the most incredible love and pure happiness. Actually, it is indescribable.

I awoke and sat straight up in bed, in the dark bedroom. The first words that came to mind were: Now I know! I should add that the experience itself was not a dream, but was as real as ‘real’ can be. And it came from inside my body.

I was totally bathed in it, yet the main focus of the feeling was in my chest (heart) region. I guess one might say that love filled my heart, and with it came an almost overwhelming joy and the deepest happiness I could ever imagine. It changed my life. I am so grateful that my body was receptive to this experience.

This experience removed any questions or doubt I may have had about the reality of love and bliss. It was God-like. It was real. It was wonderful. It was reassuring, yet almost overwhelming.

The truth shall set you free

For the first time in my entire life I had the sense that I now truly knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt. I had experienced the truth that sets us free. One aspect of that truth is that life itself is pure bliss; and it is experienced in the human physiology as pure love and happiness. I suppose one might describe it as spiritual happiness, or instant happiness.

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