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My thirst for the truth about life

Gavin Hoole Photo For many years of my life I was what one might call a 'seeker', wanting to understand the mysteries of life and my own status and role in this vast universe. I wanted to know more intimately my inner consciousness, soul or inner being. I wanted to know God.

I wonder if this desire was somehow encouraged by my grandfather in the nineteen forties who played a silver-plated flute and talked to me about UFOs.

Indeed, the first inner experience of something subtle and uplifting that I can remember was when I was about four years old.

Sunday School childhood wondering

I can remember that even as a pre-schooler I would attend Sunday School and gaze at the pictures on the wall - black-and-white photo-like paintings of angels with wings with clouds in the background. And I'd wonder if it were really true: if there were indeed such things as angels.

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Similarly, what truth was there in the stories of my home religion (Anglican Christianity)? Did those characters mentioned in The Bible really exist in the past? And if they did communicate with God, how come it happened only then - more than 2,000 years ago? I didn't ever hear modern-day stories of a similar nature. Why was everything always in the past tense - the long-past tense?

Three Sea Scouts 'tackle' the Roman Catholic priest

I remember once, as a teenager, I went with two of my buddies from the Humewood Sea Scout Troop to a meeting that the one Scout's had arranged with his Roman Catholic priest (just the three of us and the priest). My agnostic, almost atheistic

Donald was quite and independent thinker and he didn't buy into all this religious stuff blindly. He wanted more than just 'belief'. He wanted facts, proof, logic or whatever else could convince a teenager that what his religion had been preaching during his years as a child was indeed really so.

At the meeting, the priest answered our questions as best he could, often saying - almost as a last resort - that "We know because that is what the Bible tells us".

At one stage Donald asked: "But how do you know that what the Bible tells us is actually true?" And the priest replied: "You need to have faith, my son."

Probably quite soon after that, Donald thanked the priest for his time and patience, and after bidding the priest goodbye we all got up and left.

I would guess Donald was still a devout agnostic; and I myself was still a seeker. :-)

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