An Effective Christian Meditation Method
For Increased Happiness

Is there an effective Christian meditation method?

Yes there is. It is a Christian meditation method that some people say transcends even the idea of meditation itself. It takes one towards the source of happiness within - the 'kingdom of heaven' within us.

I call it Conscious Mental Rest (CMR), because the process is one of allowing the mind to rest from its incessant jabbering and overactivity. The result: the mind spontaneously and effortlessly moves towards the stillness within, and the peace that passes all understanding.

What makes Conscious Mental Rest ideal for Christians?

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Here’s why every Christian can feel completely safe and comfortable with Conscious Mental Rest as a totally acceptable form of Christian meditation.

  • CMR is not associated in any way whatsoever with any religion or religious practices.
  • CMR is not derived from any Eastern tradition of Masters or Saints.
  • CMR does not replace any religion or any of one’s own religious practices.
  • CMR is not associated with and does not involve Yoga practices or philosophy.
  • CMR does not require or even promote any particular lifestyle, philosophy or world view; its sole aim is to help the individual unfold more and more of his or her own human potential – and to allow this to happen naturally and effortlessly.
  • Learning CMR does not involve any trappings, puja ceremony, initiation, meditation music, special clothing or traditions.
  • CMR does not involve the use of a mantra, not even a Christian mantra. Instead, the process relies on the natural tendency of the mind to be drawn inward towards more settled states of functioning: towards the stillness within.
  • CMR does not require any special postures, clothing, meditation mat and the like. You just sit comfortably on a chair or bed.
  • There is no group or association you need to join, and there are no meetings you need to attend in order to learn CMR.
  • There is no need to provide any of your personal details. Just register for the course online with your first name and e-mail address, and learn via the downloadable guided meditation audio lessons and six written follow-up support explanations.

This Bishop recommends Conscious Mental Rest

"I have started CMR (Conscious Mental Rest) and I can assure Christians that it only leads to a closer relationship with Christ and helps us to realize the truth of Jesus' teaching on the Kingdom being Within."

~ Bishop Lee Petersen, OFJ, D.D.

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