Conscious Mental Attention Originated
As The Flipside Of Conscious Mental Rest

Do-able Happiness Key #2: Conscious Mental Attention

From my own experience, Conscious Mental Rest© (CMR) is a 100% natural approach to reaching the goals of traditional meditation techniques -- an approach that will bring life-changing benefits that anyone can start experiencing from Day 1.

Twice-a-day Conscious Mental Rest© is the foundation of my personal two-edge strategy for increased happiness and enhanced wellbeing. It is the first of the two do-able 'keys' for unlocking the happiness that dwells within each one of us as a natural and integral part of our human physical make-up.

The other side of the personal growth coin

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine I was sure that by tapping in to my own innder resources of creativity, energy, intelligence and bliss -- creative consciousness -- all areas of my life would improve spontaneously, in a similar way that sleep heals, rebuilds and recharges one's vitality. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say something like, Water the root and enjoy the fruit.

That's like what happens during sleep. We just allow sleep to come upon us, and we awaken recharged in the morning. By accessing our inner creative consciousness consciously, while awake, another level of profound rejuvenation takes place automatically and effortlessly too.

I was once told too: 'Meditate and do what you know to be right'. Regular daily (effective) meditation shifts one's awareness and progressively causes one to spontaneously live a life that is more in harmoney with what is 'right' at a deeper 'soul' level. The process starts happening immediately.

Yet, by consciously heeding what our inner voice is telling us, we can help that process along for faster self-improvement. We can help to eliminate old habits of thinking, speaking and doing that slow down the pace at which daily meditation can bring about the positive changes.

Conscious Mental Attention

So, I started working on the other side of the personal growth coin to clarify in my mind what simple and natural change I could make in my own life to help speed up the effects of my daily CMR. I wanted to boil it down to one simple thing, not an array of different tips and techniques that I would forget to do anyway.

After some time thinking about - trying to distill it down to its very essence - it became clear as to what I needed to focus on. It was all to do with the effective use of my attention during ordinary day-to-day living.

So, to complement the holistic life-enhancing benefits of Conscious Mental Rest© I came up with a simple and profound approach to using one's attention most naturally in daily living in order to create the kind of happy life one truly desires. I called it Conscious Mental Attention© (CMA).

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