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Using Your Attention To
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Conscious Mental Attention (CMA) is the second of the two do-able keys to happiness explained on this website. It complements the first key, Conscious Mental Rest (CMR), and is the essential way of helping happiness along in your life.

As explained in the How To be Happy section of this website, the master key to happiness is Self-Alignment. If CMR is the one side of the Self-Alignment coin, then CMA is the flipside. When both are applied, they work together every day as 'heads-and-tails' to accelerate us on our journey towards closer Self-Alignment and greater happiness. This section of the website is about Conscious Mental Attention.

Most people use only a small fraction of their full potential

It is now widely acknowledged that deep within us is a field of creativity, energy and intelligence. This inner field is the home of happiness within us - the 'kingdom of heaven within'.

Science tells us, however, that we as human beings use only a very small portion of our full human potential. So, most people don't utilize much of what is available to them from their inner resources.

As a result, most people do not live a life of fulfilment, peace, joy and daily happiness.

Our inner conscious, creative intelligence

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This field of energy, intelligence and creativity is the inner creative consciousness that causes and manages our entire physical growth and development.

This creative and intelligent consciousness creates our entire body-mind system and manages our growth all the way from conception. It heals cuts and wounds to our body. It assimilates the nutrition absorbed from the food we eat, and so on and so forth.

And it does this constantly, all the time, whether we are asleep or awake, and also with or without our conscious cooperation.

How to tap into your inner resources

Meditating man sitting on a bed With twice-a-day sessions of Conscious Mental Rest™ (CMR) we can gain regular conscious access to this subtle field of creative, intelligent consciousness. We do this by using CMR's method of effortlessly encouraging our attention as taught in the CMR Basic Course. And this is achieved while we're sitting comfortably in a chair or on a bed with our eyes closed.

Some people describe CMR as an effective meditation technique for better health, greater energy, less stress and generaly experiencing more happiness in life. It is regarded by those who use it and one of the meditation techniques that actually 'work'.

Even with the basic CMR course anyone can easily allow the mind to commune consciously with its inner source more often than usually happens in our hectic modern lifestyle.

The benefits of tapping into our inner resources

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The result of this daily tapping into in these quieter levels of consciousness is that more and more of our untapped potential comes to be expressed spontaneously in our daily living.

By that I mean, without effort or contriving, we start to notice that something subtle and good is happening in the quality of life as we experience it each day. Life just starts getting better for us, all the time.

This happens quite spontaneously. We start to become aware of how things have shifted within us, and how stress seems to have been dissolved from the body-mind system.

Often, people who use such a method notice also that their environment has become more supportive too.

For examples of improvements that people have experienced from the basic course in Conscious Mental Rest, click here .

CMR, then, is the primary do-able key that unlocks the treasure chest within us to allow more of our inner happiness and creative consciousness to flow into every aspect of our life experience.

Conscious Mental Attention: helping happiness along

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine There is, however, a second do-able key to happiness that we can also - and in fact should also - know about so that we can apply it to further assist the unfolding of happiness, creativity and peace in our lives. This second key is what I call Conscious Mental Attention (CMA), which is the subject of this particular theme.

Whereas Conscious Mental Rest involves the skill of efficiently using our attention to allow the mind and body to rest and rejuvenate, Conscious Mental Attention is the skill of efficiently using our attention in daily living.

We do this to support the growth of creative consciousness and the expansion of happiness by minimizing the obstacles we so often place in the way, through old habits of thinking, speaking and doing.

If someone ever tells you to follow your bliss, Conscious Mental Attention is the way to do this. We'll cover this in more detail in the pages to follow.

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Table of Contents for this theme Conscious Mental Attention:

Introduction To Conscious Mental Attention:
Conscious Mental Attention - Deliberately Creating A Happier Life
Page 2: Follow Your Bliss Using Conscious Mental Attention
Page 3: Be A Happy Person By Applying The Art Of Happiness
Page 4: Bliss Living - A Key In What Causes Happiness To Flow
Page 5: Finding Bliss Through Whatever You Think, Say Or Do
Page 6: The Law Of Attraction And Human Attention
Page 7: An Abraham-Hicks Method For Manifesting Desires

Free Mini-course: How To Use CMA For A Better Life:
Page 1: Introduction To The Application Of Attention
Page 2: Our Attention Affects How We Experience Life
Page 3: What We Put Our Attention On Intensifies In Our Lives
Page 4: Why Doesn't The Law Of Attraction Work For Everyone?
Page 5: The Role Of Attention In Manifesting Our Desires
Page 6: Attention: What Most People Are Not Getting What They Want
Page 7: The Mechanis Of Getting What We Desire - And Happiness
Page 8: Do's And Don'ts In Manifesting Your Desires
Page 9: Summary: How To Follow Your Bliss And Be Happier

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