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Lack of personal integrity - in other words not being completely truthful and honest in all areas of one's life - is probably one of the greatest causes of stress and unhappiness. Yet, strangely, it is hardly ever mentioned as a stress cause in the many publications and websites I myself have come across.

Not being truthful in every moment triggers self-inflicted stress from within. And stress blocks the full experience of human happiness.

Personal integrity: 'The truth shall set you free'

Few people will doubt that truthfulness is liberating. When we speak or act in truth and honesty we feel good; we feel at peace with ourselves. In terms of the 'secret to happiness', at that moment we are pretty much in the state of Self-Alignment opens new window.(opens new window)

This is why people who have held onto a 'dark' secret much of their lifetime feel so liberated and free when they finally confess. A huge load has been lifted off them. They are no longer carrying the burden of dishonesty within their mind-body system.

Being untruthful, dishonest, literally puts obstacles in the way of a fuller experience of happiness. This is becuase when you live your life in perpetual truth it helps to unlock your happiness from within. You can live your authentic self, with a sense of freedom in daily life.

Which 'truth' will set us free?

In my early years as a young and ardent 'seeker', searching for the truth about life, I assumed that 'The truth shall set you free' meant that once we fully know the 'Truth about life, God, the Universe', then we will experience true freedom; and that this would require becoming fully enlightened - in some kind of 'cosmic consciousness'.
I later came to appreciate, though, that this aphorism also had a totally different meaning. I recognized that it also refers to the need to be 100% honest in every aspect of one's life - to live in our own truth. Then we will be set free of our own mental and emotional prisons and will experience what some call 'liberation of the soul'.

There's no need, however, to wait until we are free. We can start today and experience mini-freedoms every time we choose truth over non-truth.

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Is Your Peace Disturbed By Fear

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