The Biggest Cause Of Stress
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My biggest cause of stress, ever: a friend's nervous breakdown

Submitted by Gavin, South Africa (to get the ball rolling):

She was 66, I was 67. She lived downstairs from me. She started saying things that didn't 'add up' and were subsequently contradicted by other statements she later made. It was weird.

Eventually I was at my wits end as her behaviour became more and more bizarre. I had never experienced this kind of thing before. I felt totaly out of my depth! It was very scary and extremely stressful ... at a time when I myself was under huge work pressure.

I consulted a pharmacist, a naturopath, a herbal specialist, a medical doctor and a psychiatrist. It was diagnosed as a nervous breakdown from her brain's having been starved of certain nutrients due to bad diet choices. My friend was suffering from psychotic depression.

There were no beds available at the psychitatric wards at the city hospitals, so she moved in with me while I cooked and fed her and administered her presciption medication - anti-psychosis pills, anti-depressants and sleeping pills, plus valium when needed. I never want to live through that again.

The stress management strategy I followed:

  • I made sure I didn't miss my twice-daily meditation.
  • I had kinesiology sessions with a kinesiologist to help clear the stresses I had been accumulating.
  • I upped my exercise from near-nil (due to my sedentary work) to a little bit each day.
  • I made sure my friend was under proper psychiatric treatment as soon as possible, so that I no longer felt I was carrying the sole responsibility in an area I was totally ill-equipped to handle.

Thank heavens all is stabilised now, and life is pretty much back to normal, except for my freind's memory lapses, possibly as a result of the anti-depressants.

This was without a shadow of doubt the biggest cause of stress in my entire life.

What has been YOUR biggest cause of stress?

You're invited to share your own experience as briefly as you wish. To make it easy for you, use the form below and add any comments at the end.

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