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What is your own stress response like?

Are YOU particularly susceptible to anxiety and worry?

It has been postulated in several disciplines that there are three basic human body types ( wikipedia ).

One of these disciplines - the ancient 'science of life and lifespan' known as ayurveda (which has become increasingly popular in recent times) - has one such classification system known as the tri-dosha system.

In this tri-dosha system of aurveda, there are three 'doshas', each having its own predominant qualities. It is the relative proportion of each of these three doshas that determines the particular mind-body profile of an individual.

All three of these doshas are present in each one of us. However, the relationship and predominance of each differs from individual to individual and this accounts for what is known as the twelve different ayurveda body-types.

One of these body types is particular prone to a stress response of worry and anxiety.

The three main ayurveda body-types are explained in my e-course, The Self-Health Plan TM.

If the mind-body system is 'out of balance' in terms of the tri-dosha, then the person can be more prone to experiencing stress. This is particularly the case with people with a predominance of the space-air (vata) dosha.

Note: 'Balance' within the doshas does not mean that each of the three doshas should be expressed to an equal extent. It means that the relationship as it was naturally at birth should be maintained, with none of the doshas being skewed or exaggerated due to inappropriate lifesyle or diet.

Corrective action

No matter what your constitutional type might be, I would suggest that you study the table of body types included in The Self-Health PlanTM to identify your own mind-body characteristics and to learn some useful insights, such as:

  • the characteristics of each body type, including the particular body type that is more prone to anxiety and worry
  • the symptoms of imbalance in each body type
  • the causes of imbalance in each type (in such areas as behaviour, diet, lifestyle, etc.)
  • recommendations for re-establishing balance through changes in diet, lifestyle, etc.

You can use the three-column tri-dosha table included in the Plan to determine your own mind-body type and also to see what you need to give attention to in order to promote balance and minimise the effects of external stressors on your own nervous system.

Good health, with a strong immune system and balanced tri-dosha, is a sound basis for strengthening one's flexibiity and resilience to daily stressors. And it is important for allowing the flow of happiness in one's life.

The Self-Health PlanTM is a free D-I-Y e-course for promoting your own overall good health and vitality and thereby dimproving your stress response.

Click here for more information about the Self-Health Plan TM and to start a journey towards re-esablishing more balance in your mind-body system and more resilence to stress. It's like having one's own personal stress management programme.

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