Happiness And Health
With The Self-Health Plan

Happiness and health go hand in hand. Happiness leads to good health, and a healthy person has a more stable physical foundation for experiencing greater happiness.

The unique Self-Health Plan will help anyone to improve their happiness and health in a most natural way.

And ... it's FREE!

The Self-Health Plan© will show you how to:

•Understand the basis for your uniqueness
•Assess your own mind/body profile, based on the ayurveda body types
•Develop your own personalized health strategy
•Listen to your body's signals for balance and health
•Understand the myths about exercise
•Design a personalized fitness programme
•Create happiness and health through better digestion
•Manage your body-weight effortlessly
•Improve the quality of your sleep
•Develop a more settled mind
•Experience greater inner happiness
•Attain a better overall state of health

The easy-to-use step-by-step Self-Health Plan© offers a totally new perspective on creating happiness and health. It includes worksheets and checklists to help you get started and experience immediate benefits in an enjoyable way.

The Self-Health Plan© offers a way out of high medical costs, illness and suffering. It is a booklet every family should own and use. And it is available only through this website.

Now is the time to start taking charge of your own happiness and health, to get to know your own body, to culture better health at a most fundamental level; and to do it without relying on others.

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What the Self-Health Plan© Contains

Here is a peak preview of what you can expect when you order your own downloadble copy of the Self-Health Plan:

Self-Referral and Balance
•How the body constantly strives to create balance, and how balance equals health
•How you can assist the body in its task of promoting balance and health
•How to listen to your body’s signals for creating health
•A 5-minute simple technique for promoting balance in mind and body

Digestion: A Key to Happiness and Health
•How eating habits can create either bliss and energy, or toxins and poor health
•How to recognize toxins in the body
•How to eliminate toxins naturally, and prevent their build-up
•When to eat, how to eat, and why
•How to be self-referral with eating
•16 Easy and effortless ways to promote efficient digestion naturally
•A simple way to avoid overeating and obesity

How to Personalize Your Own Self-Health© Strategy
•Understanding the basis of your own uniqueness
•How to recognize you own unique mind-body characteristics
•How to identify the things that can contribute to health problems according to the different ayurveda body types
•How to identify lifestyle habits that could lead to poor health for YOU
•How to determine life habits most suitable for YOUR health
•How to draw up a personal lifestyle plan for better health specifically for your body-type

Daily Routine and The Rhythms of Nature
•How to recognize the rhythms of nature and how they influence your own body’s needs
•How to live in harmony with daily and seasonal rhythms for health
•The best times for eating light meals, heavy meals and for not eating, and why
•The best times for exercise, studying, working, resting, and why
•An easy self-massage procedure for creating balance
•A checklist for culturing a better daily routine

Rest and Activity - A Formula for Health
•The difference between fitness and health
•How popular exercise programmes don’t necessarily promote health
•How to exercise according to your own body type
•When to exercise; when not to, and why
•The importance of a balance between rest and activity, and of avoiding fatigue
•Simple techniques for gaining rest during the day
•How to get a good night’s sleep.

Food Choices - According to Your Body Type
•Different strokes for different folks
•The effects of different foods on different body types
•How to decide what foods are best for YOU
•How to create balance through diet

Special Subjects Covered
•Natural, easy, weight loss
•Pacifying worry
•Calming an overactive mind

Uniqueness of the Self-Health Plan©

The Self-Health Plan is unlike any health plan you have come across before. It is based on timeless wisdom, not on “new” scientific discoveries which are so often here today and gone tomorrow. It has the potential to change your life.

What users have said


"The day I started following the Self-Health Plan© I noticed immediate changes in me - I was more relaxed and had more energy. Now I continue to experience a better quality of life as time goes on. It seems to be a progressive thing."

"It's funny, I seem to experience more joy inside these days.”

"I've always battled to lose weight permanently. I diet and lose a lot. Then I put it all back on again. With your natural methods I'm now feeling much slimmer and lighter. For the first time I feel I'm now on the right track. Thanks!"

"My wife and I both lost 10kg in a few weeks, following your plan."

"The Self-Health Plan© has given me the confidence of knowing that I can now manage my own health, and it has shown me how."

Help create a healthier society

By obtaining your own copy of the Self-Health Plan© and inviting others to do the same, you will be helping to create a healthier and happier society.

You will be structuring a new basis for human life to move out of the shadows of disease, unhappiness, violence and suffering, to become an experience of health, happiness and peace.

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