A 30-Second Happiness Test

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There are many websites offering a happiness test designed to give you an indication of how happy you are.

Many of them seem to have lots of questions about your life situation rather than how you actually feel inside.

Quite frankly I consider some of them to be a load of hogwash - even several that have been compiled by scientists, psychologists or happiness coaches.

Happiness is not something you measure by whether you belong to a club or a religious fellowship, or how many friends you have, and such like.

Happiness is an inner experience, and it should rightfully be measured by how you feel most of the time. Ideally this should also be correlated with scientific readings of one's physiology in terms of hormonal and other chemical levels.

But the bottom line of any happiness test is surely: how you feel inside.

So, what is it that we are actually measuring?

Of course, before you think of taking any such test, it is a good idea to firm up your own understanding or belief in terms of:

  • What is happiness?
  • and
  • Do I generaly consider myself to be a happy person, or not?


Here's my own straightforward and very brief definition:

Happiness is the experience of feeling good.

That's it; simple, no frills, no scientific or psychological treatises. Everyone who has even experienced the feeling knows what it is. And everyone who has never experienced the feeling, knows they are not feeling good.

More on defining this 'emotion'

For more detailed discussion on a definition of this phenomenon, click here (opens a new half-window).

A very short happiness test

There are several websites offering a self-test you can use to see if you are a happy person - if you don't already know whether you experience feeling good. :-) I'll give you a link to one of these on the next page.

The test given below is probably the shortest and simplest of them all.

Simply click in the radio button below that most closely reflects your state of inner feelings, then click on the Get Results button.

Make a mental note of the number of the item you clicked on!

Click in the radio button of the
item that most applies to you.

Happiness Test

1. Almost all the time I don't feel good inside

2. Much of the time I don't feel good inside

3. Some of the time I don't feel so good inside

4. Much of the time I feel neither good nor bad inside

5. Most of the time I feel neither good nor bad inside

6. I feel good inside some of the time

7. I feel good inside much of the time

8. I feel good inside most of the time

9. I feel great inside much of the time

10. I feel wonderful inside most of the time

Please enter the word that you see below.


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