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Here's How To Develop That Via Natural Appreciation

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How appreciation becomes gratitude

Here's an easy way to develop a gratitude attitude that is real and sincere, and which harnesses the law of gratitude for a better life with more happiness.

Below is just one practical example to give you an idea of what I mean by appreciating some inanimate object as a start to developing the habit of appreciation.

Using this approach you will in fact also be developing a positive gratitude attitude while accessing the power of positive thinking and aligning your feelings with the law of gratitude. This simply means you will find that you will more easily be able to fulfil your desires and lead a life in which happiness is your frequent companion.

Choose something you already like

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineFor these exercises you should initially choose as your object of appreciation something that you already truly do like and appreciate, so that what you are saying to yourself during the exercise is actually true for you.

You can then explore the various features and aspects of that item and discover which ones you actually do or can appreciate. And as you will see, appreciation can shift one's feelings towards a gratitude attitude.

So, here's an example of something that is true for me and how I have in fact used this very same exercise myself, with some self-talk along the following lines.

  • I really love my new cellphone.
  • It is so sleek and compact; the design is quite exquisite.
  • I love its thinness and how it fits my hand.
  • It's colour just suits my personal taste.
  • Its ringtone is quite beautiful too, like a piano playing a soothing melody.
  • The menu system is, as usual with this make of phone, so user-logical and convenient too. It has everything I need, and it's all in the right place.
  • The 3.5 megapixel camera is amazing! It's even better than my old Canon digital camera. I love all the camera options and settings available too.
  • It even has a panorama feature, where I can take a series of shots and then let the phone's camera stitch them together to make one of those wide panoramic photos.
  • I also love the Best-Pic option too, where I can take one photo and the camera splits it into several captures so that I can select the best one of the series.
  • I can hardly believe that this tiny little device can have so many features. Aahh! It is wonderful to be living in this age.
  • Now … this next feature is amazing too! I can lie in bed at any time of the night and go to any website in the world, and view the Web pages on my cellphone, with or without the picture viewing enabled. In fact last night I viewed a new page I had created and, to my surprise, the embedded music MIDI file started playing on my cellphone. Wow!
  • Besides the Web, I can check for new emails and even reply to them … while lying in bed in the dark. For me that's a biggie, because I can wake up at 3 am for bathroom duty, check email and reply to my friend or my book co-author on the opposite side of the planet - while he or she is enjoying their daylight hours.
  • Oh … how I love and appreciate this little cellphone of mine. It's a real beauty. I am so pleased I chose it, and I am so happy that there are those tekkie guys and gals who created this awesome technology that made all of this possible for me. THANK YOU guys!

Now let's explore what happened inside me during this easy little exercise and whether this led me to a gratitude attitude.

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