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Stress relief tips for reducing neighbourhood noise stress

Barking dogs require some drastic stress relief tips at times

Some suggestions are given in Item 1 on the page Stress Relieft Tips - A Core General Strategy

Here's a useful website of stress relief tips related to barking dogs in your neighbourhood

Consider some major life changes if necessary

Change itself can be a big stressor. However, sometimes it is not only necessary but it can in fact be what your entire mind-body system is craving - and your family too.

If your present life situation is such that you continuously experience noise stress, perhaps it is time to take serious look at what kind of life you're living.

Career change time?

  • Is it time to change your career and move to a less noisy job?
  • Think about it. How does the idea feel to you?
  • Imagine such a change; the new situation, without all the noise. Does your body feel some relief inside?
  • Focus on the possible new situation, not on any possible hassles involved with the change. They are short-lived. Does the new situation feel as if your body and mind would be more at peace and less stressed?
  • Read about some career opportunities; see if there's something that appeals to you. Imagine yourself in that new position.
  • Discuss these things with your family. Bounce some ideas around and explore possibilities together.
  • Your health and happiness are at stake here. And noise stress is already getting at you, so you do need to do something concrete about it.

Time to move home?

Country living can be peaceful and noise-free, as it is here in my buddy's town of Prince Albert

Prince Albert, a small town in the arid Karoo region of South Africa
where I occasionally hang out with my co-author

Is it time to consider moving home, perhaps even from the city out into the country?

  • How does that feel to you?
  • Would you enjoy the lower-stress life of small-town living? What about your family?
  • Could you sustain yourself financially?
  • Would it be good to scale down your life somewhat and reduce other lifestyle stress besides noise stress?
  • Buy some country living magazines and do some exploring, or places and also of your feelings.
  • Use the Internet to help you find a lifestyle that would suit you.

If noise stress is a major factor in your life?

Why live under stress when you can do something about it? Sometimes we just need to do it! And often we say to ourselves afterwards: "I should have done this long ago."

Use the stress relief tips on these noise stress pages to get moivated to do something about it before you regret it.

All the best.

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