Follow Your Bliss:
The Art Of Happiness Using
Conscious Mental Attention

Conscious Mental Attention - Part 2

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The suggestion to follow your bliss was coined last century by a man named Joseph John Campbell. The expression 'took off' and has become a fairly popular cliché today.

It may sound like some empty, meaningless advice, yet it is actually a very profound and also practical aspect in the art of happiness.

If you can successfully tune into your inner voice and follow its prompts you will indeed have learnt how to follow your bliss and you could be happy immediately.

Conscious Mental Attention is a simple way of learning how to follow your bliss.

Use your attention to follow your bliss

Most people have one or more habitual thought patterns and beliefs that keep them stuck in the same undesirable situations year after year, situations they don't really enjoy - for example:

  • relationship issues
  • financial issues
  • health issues
  • career issues
  • loneliness
  • resentment

and anything else that diminishes one's experience of happiness.

These kinds of problems, while very real to the individual, are usually brought about over a long period of time through a habitual kind of thinking, speaking and behaving that is not supportive of the experience of daily happiness.

What 'is' now is not your permanent reality

When a person sees the results of such unconscious habits and accepts those results as being how things really are, they believe that what they witness in their life is an unchangeable reality. That's just how it is (becomes the belief).

In fact, that is how things really are - for that individual ... at that moment - because that is indeed their present experence that they have created and re-created through repeatedly giving their attention to it.

So, seeing what 'is' easily gives birth to the belief that this is in fact how life truly is for them - permanently - and this understanding further entrenches the belief. And so the cycle continues.

  • "This is how my life is, and I cannot do anything about it."
  • "I was born unlucky, end of story."
  • "I just never seem to be able to make ends meet, and the money comes to an end before the month does."
  • "I'm just a sickly person. I'm the unfortunate one in the family."
  • Or, in the words of that fifties pop group (The Coasters, was it?): "Why's everybody always pickin' on me?"

Awareness/consciousness/attention shifts our 'reality'

Now here's the thing: effective daily meditation, or Conscious Metal Rest, will unlock your inner creative consciousness and allow it to flow more freely in your life. This process then starts to bring about subtle and beneficial shifts in the way in which your experience life.

It just happens as a totally natural and spontaneous by-product of daily mental quietness.

However, a typical habitual resistance to change - a tendency to stay with your own strongly entrenched old habits of thinking, speaking and behaving - will sabotage your response to the subtle prompts from your 'inner voice'.

Time to change our 'story' and follow our conscience

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So, in order to minimize the extent to which we smother the benefits of our daily meditation practice, we need to pay attention to those prompts from our inner consciousness, and stop ignoring them.

Your inner intelligence is in fact, in every moment, sending you messages as to the quality of your current thinking, speaking and doing.

To listen to those inner prompts, and respond accordingly ... immediately ... without mentally questioning, is to truly follow your bliss.

After all, your inner field of creative consciousness is at the same time a field of bliss, of happiness. So when we follow that voice, we unlock that inner joy top flow more into our life ... AND, we pave the way for attracting a better 'reality' in our daily lives too.

This will be explained further in the pages that follow.

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