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My Personal Search For Truth - Conclusion

CMA - Conscious Mental Attention© - is, in a way, what is talked about in the many books and CDs on the subject of the "secret" law of attraction. Probably the teachings that most closely relate to what CMA is all about are those of Abraham in the books published by Hay House. (If you're looking for a good book on The Law of Attraction, the one I would recommend is the one by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It's called simply The Law of Attraction.)

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine It's all about how to use your attention wisely. Whereas Conscious Mental Rest© involves allowing the mind to rest from its incessant mental chattering, Conscious Mental Attention© is about making effective use of the mind during activity. It is about what we give our attention to. Yet is even simpler than that. Conscious Mental Attention© is just as simple and natural as Conscious Mental Rest©.

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Conscious Mental Rest
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Conscious Mental Attention

YOU are your own guru

For the record, I don't in any way see myself as a 'guru'; nor do I aspire to be one (although in jest some of my friends sometimes fool around and call me His Hooliness Guru Gav (with "Hooliness" being based on my surname) - in a similar way to my calling my herbalist friend His Herbalis Guru Dave).

Seriously, though, I believe ...

We each have all the knowledge we need, inside us.
We are indeed our own gurus. We need to tap into it,
listen to it, not doubt it, and just trust and go with it
- Gavin Hoole

Comment: How original is 'orginal'?

CMR and CMA are both 'original', in that they came to me in my own consciousness and not directly from reading books, attending courses or scouring the Internet.

However, I do acknowledge that all books, courses and life experiences I've had in my life have without doubt sewn seeds that have enlivened and expanded my awareness and insights. So I am grateful to those authors and teachers whose paths I have crossed.

With that rider in mind, these two life strategies - CMR and CMA - are for all intents and purposes as original as anything in life may be called 'original'.

Ultimately, however, they all belong to life itself. I just happened to have had the fortune to recognize them and put pen to paper to structure them in a way that I could share them with friends in a coherent way.

I am grateful too that in 1975 I learned a meditation technique that came from a man of such wisdom and who had such profound understanding and insights into the nature of life and the mechanics of how the mind-body system works.

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