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What Makes Happy People Happy? - Includes A Happy Video
Sorry, but I just don't buy into many of the theories that abound today as to why such people are indeed happy. By studying happy people's lives it's just too easy to come to the wrong conclusions.

Happiness Is A Choice - Or Is It Really?
Happiness is a choice is almost as silly an expression as 'the pursuit of happiness'. It's nearly as meaningless as telling a depressed person to cheer up.

Is Happiness A Choice? What Do YOU Believe?
They say that happiness is a choice. What's your own view? Is happiness a choice? Or are we just born a happy or unhappy person?">

Are You A Happy Person? Take The 30-Second Happiness Test
Do you need a happiness test to determine whether you're a happy person? This is probably the quickest and shortest one you'll find on the Net - without even having to enter your e-mail address.

A Happy Smile Is One Of Nature's Medicines - Includes Funny Videos
A happy smile releases endorphins and other hormones that change your mood to a happy one, even though you may not be feeling happy when you decide to smile. Smiling in fact improves one's health. Includes funny videos.

Happy Smile: Humour With Steve Jobs And Bill Gates
Enjoy the happy smile of Apple's Steve Jobs and Microsoft's Bill Gates as they share some humour with you.

Health Benefits From A Happy Smile
A happy smile has been shown by research to yield some interesting benefits besides increasing happiness. Here's how to take advantage of this knowledge for health, happiness and general wellbeing.

Become Your Own Symbol For Happiness
The universally recognised symbol for happiness is without doubt the smiley symbol. And the reason, also without doubt, is because you'll usually see a smile on the face of a happy person.

Happiness Factory Coke Commercial Video
Coca-Cola has its happiness factory. And so does each one of us. Watch the Coke video and be inspired to unlock your own happiness.

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