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Will mind control techniques increase one's happiness?

Forget about mind control. Control is contrary to life's urge to be free. All we need is to use our attention wisely.

With the regular twice daily experience of Conscious Mental Rest©, we tap into our inner field of creative consciousness and enliven it to be expressed more fluidly in our daily living. If you already use an effective and effortless meditation technique, that will have a similar effect.

We don't actually do or control anything ourselves to make this happen. We simply follow the guidelines to experience the effortlessness of CMR.

The regular Conscious Mental Rest© thus gained, cultures the nervous system to unfold more of our full potential. So mind control techniques are not necessary.

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With more of our true essence expressing itself in our lives, all aspects of our life improve - including health, happiness and more spontaneous appropriate decision making and action.

So, the regular daily experience of Conscious Mental Rest© (or an effective meditation technique that works) is the one pillar on which we can build the spontaneous tendency to give our attention to what best serves our highest interests, and therefore to enjoy a happier life.

Are you sabotaging the benefits of meditation?

However, and this is important, we can sabotage the spontaneous benefits of our Conscious Mental Rest© sessions by not being aware of old habits of thinking, speaking and behaving.

So it is most desirable that we also help happiness along by being vigilant about how we use our attention in daily living. And here is how we do that.

The mechanics of getting what we desire

Each of us is unique. And each of us wants to express our true self in freedom - to have the kind of life in which we are constantly expanding our experience of happiness.

To do that, we need to make choices. Built in to our very nature - wired in to our psycho-physiology - is the natural urge for more happiness. It just is like that. So we don't need to get involved in any 'pursuit of happiness' or any special mind control techniques.

We already, automatically, spontaneously have the urge for the experience of more happiness. You could say: that is why we came into this life on planet earth - for that very purpose, to expand happiness.

So there is nothing we need to do to be happier, nothing we need to control. All that is necessary is to make the right choices so that we move in the opposite direction from unhappy things and choices.

Listen to your inner 'voice'

The good news is that we are 'wired' to do that quite naturally and spontaneously too - if only we let our ego-self get out of the way and not overrule what our inner intelligence is constantly prompting us towards.

So … when you experience a situation that you don't like - which gives you a not-so-good feeling - that not-so-good feeling is your prompt to stop giving your attention to what you are focussed on, and to immediately swivel your attention around towards what you do want.

IMPORTANT TIP: Now, in that moment you may be very aware of what you don't want, but not quite so clear on what it is that you do want instead. This is where you let go and move your attention towards anything that changes how you are feeling in that moment to a feeling that is closer to the experience of 'feeling good'. It's that simple. No fancy mind control techniques are necesary.

In other words, as soon as you get a not-good feeling about anything, shift your attention elsewhere - anywhere - that feels better. That's it. That is the essence of Conscious Mental Attention© (CMA).

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