Why I Dropped Transcendental Meditation
After 30 Years Of Regular Practice

CMR replaces my Transcendental Meditation practice

Naturally, through these developments I continued using Conscious Mental Rest (CMR) myself, because the experience and process is pretty much the same as transcendental deep meditation - which later came to be known as Transcendental Meditation.

CMR has no mantra and none of the other Easter trappings. Nor does it have the pricing structure of TM, which some folks find to be another obstacle to learning TM.

In summary

  • My 'dropping' of TM was by no means a planned decision, and it had no negativity associated with it. It happened in an evolutionary kind of way, quite spontaneously. Yet the change from TM to CMR also suited my personal desires for simplicity, non-alignment with any particular organization or culture, and the ease and freedom of being able to share it with others.
  • I enjoy Conscious Mental Rest and it 'works' well for me. I find it easier than TM and just as effective - or even more so because of the fact that there is no mantra involved.
  • I can share CMR with others, knowing that there is no conflict at all with anyone's beliefs or background.
  • I have no negativity towards the TM organization at all, and I will forever be grateful to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for bringing the principles of TM and his clear knowledge about consciousness to the West.
  • I am grateful also to the teachers Maharishi trained to impart the knowledge of Transcendental Meditation to the world. Those I have known personally are sincere people who are doing a good job at helping to inproves the lives of people and society as a whole. (Unfortunately, it seems that many of them have moved on from their roles as TM teachers and now pursuing other paths in life.)
  • If anyone is currently using the TM Technique, and they're happy with it, I would suggest they keep on with TM. If at any stage someone feels it is time to experiment and try a mantra-free method, then by all means they can consider taking the CMR course. (I know of a few TMers who did just that and found that the CMR course actually clarified some aspects of their own TM practice. As a result they are now doing TM correctly without using effort with their mantra. So CMR became a catalyst for them to get back on track with their own TM programme.)


I hope this response helps to explain why I moved from Transcendental Meditation to Conscious Mental Rest. One of the main benefits for me too is that I am now able to share the experience with others, without their having to find a TM teacher in their own town. Also, this can be achieved internationally.

I am comfortable with the CMR method and feel I have not lost any of the benefits of the TM technique.

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