The Key To Happiness:

Moving Towards Self-Alignment

The key to happiness is to be moving constantly towards what I call Self-Alignment.

What does Self-Alignment mean?

Self-Alignment simply means bringing all aspects of oneself into alignment – that is, allowing your body, mind and emotions all to move into alignment with one another, as well as - most importantly - with the non-physical core of your true being – which some call your Higher Self, or your soul.

In a state of Self-Alignment we function as a fully coordinated, holistic and complete human being.

That is the true essence of authentic happiness. That is the key to happiness to which our endeavours need to be focussed.

Some might call this a state of being in which we are using 100% of our full potential. Others would call it the state of enlightenment. I prefer to call it Self-Alignment, because the term ‘enlightenment’ may give the impression that it is purely a mental state, or some esoteric state associated with Eastern philosophy or religion.

Self-Alignment encompasses all aspects of our being – body, mind, emotions and the basis of all of these: consciousness.

How does one ‘reach’ a state of Self-Alignment?

Reaching the key to happiness and being in full Self-Alignment may seem an impossible, unreachable dream. In reality, probably not many people in the world today are actually in total, permanent Self-Alignment.

I hold the view, however, that Self-Alignment should not be regarded as one’s goal, per sé, just as enlightenment should not be one’s goal. Goals are in the future. Life is to be lived in the present.

As long as we are striving to reach such profound goals sometime in the future, we run the risk of living our lives today with our focus more on the future than on the present moment.

We can miss the joys and exhilaration of fully living and experiencing the ‘now’. That way we will never be truly happy. We’ll always be dissatisfied that we are not yet ‘there’. We'll miss the experience of happiness.

So, we should not try to live our lives with the goal of ‘reaching’ Self-Alignment, or in the hope of reaching some exalted state such as ‘enlightenment’ in the forseeable future. That kind of strategy actually works against the key to happiness. Indeed, it often results in unhappiness.

I'm not just saying this; I have actually observed this in people I've know. So keen is their desire to reach that state, that they sacrifice a lot of 'living' while on their dedicated path to enlightenment, as promised to them by their spiritual teachers.

In their keenness and dedication to becoming enlightened, so that they can really enjoy the full spectrum of life, they become less and less happy as they realise that the goal is still in front of them, sometime in the indefinable future. Like a mirage in the desert, they have been chasing after this elusive exalted state of being, believing that once they reach it they will have 'arrived'. Life is not like that. We never 'get there'.

Life is a process, a never-ending process. It is never 'done'. It is forever in a state of becoming: becoming more and more, ever-expanding, ever-evolving.

Life is to be enjoyed. And the only place and time to experience that enjoyment is here, and now.

So, make Self-Alignment the direction, not the goal

It is better that we live our lives with the intention of moving in the direction of Self-Alignment. This is actually a much easier journey too - much more do-able. It is also far more enjoyable and fulfilling.

With that frame of mind we can live in the present moment, day by day, and enjoy the journey while we also, day by day, unfold more of our inner happiness along our journey towards Self-Alignment.

In my home country, South Africa, we once had a TV series called Going nowhere slowly. It documented a small group of young people travelling together by car through country roads to interesting places off the beaten track. It was an unhurried journey, as the title suggests.

Along their journey they stopped off here and there and enjoyed the ambience of the local village they were visiting in that week's episode.

They took part in the activities that were popular in that area – be it that village’s annual olive festival, or some bungee jumping, or crossing a gorge on a suspension bridge. They were just enjoying the journey and sharing their experiences with one another and with the TV viewers.

In a way, life itself should be somewhat like that Going nowhere slowly TV show, but with one important difference. We also need to know and experience that our journey is taking us in the overall direction of Self-AlignmentTM.

Once we have that overall direction clearly in our awareness, then moving in that direction becomes just that much easier, and life becomes far more rewarding, with much more happiness each day along the way.

This, then, is the key to happiness:
to be constantly moving in the direction of Self-AlignmentTM.

The Key To Happiness

Just theory? Or is this actually practical?

Sure, this may well just sound so typically theoretical, philosophical and of little practical value. Yet I can assure you it is very beneficial to appreciate where one is headed. It has real practical value.

There’s an old cliché that goes something like this:

If you don’t know where you’re headed, any road will take you there.

Just knowing that Self-AlignmentTM is the key to happiness, and wanting to move in that direction, is enough to put us on the right road. Once we know where we’re headed, then all we now need are the keys to start the engine and get moving in that direction.

On this website I discuss those two do-able keys to happiness and explain how they can be turned to start the engine and begin the happy journey.

So, buckle up and join me on our journey towards Self-AlignmentTM, the key to happiness - towards more and more happiness every day as we travel the road of life.

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